Level Green team members aren’t just great at landscaping — they look great doing it. 

Uniforms are important here. We take a lot of pride in how we look on the job. 

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The good news? We have a very generous uniform policy.

Ellen O’Brien, Level Green uniform coordinator and administrative assistant, tells you what new employees need to know: 

New Crew Members

New crew members, drivers, gardeners and spray technicians get a yearly allotment to spend on uniforms stocked in the company uniform closet.

Level Green Landscaping crew in uniforms

That amount typically pays for:

  • Five T-shirts, short or long sleeved, in bright “safety green”
  • Three pair of olive green pants
  • One sweatshirt
  • A baseball cap or winter hat

Crew members also receive their first safety vest and first safety glasses for free.

Beyond that, employees are welcome to choose other clothing items and have the cost deducted from their paychecks, including extra hats, winter coats or a new item just added — “neck socks” to pull up over their nose to protect from dusty debris or for extra neck or face warmth.

Any cost above their yearly allotments is deducted from their paychecks, O’Brien says, and she stretches the payments out so no more than $25 to $35 is typically deducted from one check.


Supervisors wear safety green shirts with collars to designate their position of leadership on job sites.

Supervisors receive a uniform allotment, too. Their items are also purchased from Level Green inventory stocked in the company uniform closet. 

Items include shirts with collars with short or long sleeves, olive green pants and other items as desired. 

Beyond Crew and Supervisors 

All Level Green employees get a uniform allotment.


Corporate employees, branch managers, account managers, operations managers and business developers order a variety of shirts, vests and jackets, all with the Level Green Landscaping logo.

They pair these with khaki pants, either purchased on their own or with their allotted funds.

The Tale of Rigo Hats 

Any hats crew members wear on job sites have to be labeled with the Level Green logo. 

Level Green Landscaping lawn technician in uniform and hat

A popular hat is the “Rigo” hat, O’ Brien says, a wide-brimmed hat with attached neck protection.

A former employee named Rigo kept asking for the style to be provided, she says. 

Rigo left the company, but his hat legacy lives on. 

Trade ‘Em In

Landscaping is messy work. Shirts get stained with oil. Pants get ripped. 

When uniform shirts or pants no longer look their best, employees can trade them in for new ones, with approval from O’Brien and their operations manager, at no cost.

“We want everybody to look good out there,” she says. 

Wear The Right Thing 

Many landscaping companies require employees to pay for all their uniform pieces, O’Brien says. 

There’s a reason behind Level Green’s generous policy. 

“We want everyone to look good, and sharp,” she says. 

“It works. I’ve had people call me just to say they saw our guys out working and how good they looked. They compliment us on our nice uniforms and clean trucks.”

Level Green Landscaping crew and truck

Providing uniforms is part of treating employees right.

“When Bill and Doug say do the right thing, the right thing also means looking good,” O’Brien says. 

Nice uniforms ensure everybody at Level Green looks like a cohesive team, she says. 

“It gives them a sense of camaraderie and company pride.”

Want To Join The Team? 

We’re always looking for hard-working, talented people to join our team. And with our projected growth in the next year, it’s an exciting time to come on board.

Are you ready to work for a strong, successful company with lots of room for personal and professional growth — and a generous uniform policy?

We’d love to meet you.

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