You’re used to having employers ask you questions.

You’re used to answering questions when you apply for a job: What type of experience do you have? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your career goals?

There are dozens of things employers want to know before hiring you. Shouldn’t you have your own list of things to find out about the company?

Know What to Look For

If you enjoy working outdoors, making an impact and building relationships, the landscaping industry could be for you.

Landscaping Jobs

You have a variety of jobs options including landscape maintenance crew, landscape installation crewman, crew driver and landscape management supervisor positions. There are opportunities even if you have no experience.

But before you accept a job, make sure the position and company are good fits for you. Beyond just the pay, you should also think about all of the intangibles that make a job enjoyable.

Here are six things to look for and consider with landscaping jobs in Maryland.

Travel Time

No matter your position in the company, travel time can be a big factor for many employees. That includes travel to the office and then travel from the office to jobsites, so that’s something you should think about.

Level Green Landscaping has a centrally located corporate office. Plus, we have two other offices located above and well below the District. That gives us some flexibility to work with employees if they move or live closer to another office location.

Plus, we pay our employees’ travel to and from the jobsite, while some companies only pay travel one-way.

Condition of the Company Vehicles

Another aspect of traveling is the vehicle you’ll spend your time in. No one wants to spend a good deal of time on the road in a piece of junk — or broken down on the side of the road.

So, you’ll want to look at the condition of the company’s fleet, since that’s where you’ll be spending some time. You can also drive by to see how organized their yard and equipment are on the property.

a pristine level green landscaping vehicle

We have a full-time staff of mechanics that keep our fleet in tip-top shape, easing your mind about safety issues. Our team takes a lot of pride in how the fleet looks, and all of the logoed cars and trucks are kept washed.

Training and Job Advancement Opportunities

Whether you get an entry- or mid-level position at a landscaping company, you want to know where you can go from there. A successful company will show you the path you need to take to reach your goals — and support you along the way.

They could do that by offering training and educational opportunities that will help you build your career. Those are things we do here at Level Green Landscaping for all levels of employees.

Not only does that make our workplace safer, but it also helps our employees acquire important, on-the-job skills. We teach everything from the proper way to plant flowers to upper-management leadership training. We also like to promote from within.

Sound Financial Standing

Almost anyone with a mower and a truck can start a landscape company. But just because they say they are a “company” doesn’t mean they are stable and capable of supporting employees.

It’s important to know if a company has a solid foundation with the ability to last for the long haul. A company in good standing will have things like workers’ compensation, liability insurance and employee benefits.


Company’s Culture

Work should be as fun as possible: Life really is too short to not enjoy what you do.

You spend a good bit of time at work and with co-workers, so find a place that has a good culture.

Ask about the work environment during interviews, and do a quick LinkedIn search to get more insight on the company. Look to see how long employees stay with a particular company. Low turnover usually results from a great culture.

You can also look at their website to see if it looks professional and to learn more about the company. It’s definitely not a good sign if they don’t have a site.

Employee Benefits

A company that values its employees will provide them with benefits, as well.

Some of the things we offer include health benefits, dental coverage, a fun work environment, educational opportunities, uniforms and competitive pay. We know the secret to our success is the people who make up the company.

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