When Amanda Holmes moved to her new job in accounts receivable, her new desk was tucked in a corner.

“I was pregnant, and I guess I was in a mood,” she recalls. “I said I didn't want to be in a corner — I wanted to be by the window.”

People listen to you when you're pregnant, so Amanda got her desk by the window – right next to Level Green co-owner Doug Delano's office.

Is that good or bad?

“I guess it depends what kind of mood he's in,” she says with a laugh. “But I like it – I'm right in the middle of everything.”

Right in the middle of everything suits her. Amanda is a mom of two young girls, is helping her new husband start a business and she owns chickens. There's always a lot going on.

Still, she's a steady, dependable source in the corporate office – always available to teach a new person how to do payroll, help an account manager get money owed by a client, pitch in for somebody who’s snowed under with work.

“She’s a real delight to work with,” says Randy Pettko, Level Green’s comptroller and Amanda’s supervisor. “She takes the lead with issues in the office, with payroll,  getting deposits to the bank, working with account managers. And she’s diplomatic about collecting payments — not everybody can do that well.

“Amanda has a great deal of loyalty to the company, to the people she works for and works with,” Pettko says. “I see a bright future for her here.”

Amanda has been with Level Green Landscaping for more than five years, first working in payroll and now accounts receivable. She worked at another landscaping company before that, and at one time took classes in paralegal studies.

Amanda and girls

Her work here entails a lot of different tasks, from answering emails to assisting branch managers and account managers to generating invoices that go out to receiving checks that come in.

Is there a trick to collecting overdue payments?

“I can be annoying,” she says with a laugh. You get the feeling you’d want her on your side.

But she can also be nice.

“If one person is struggling, everybody here will pitch in and help out,” Amanda says. “We all help each other to pick up the slack.”

It’s part of what she likes about this place.

“I enjoy my coworkers,” she says. “I like Doug and Bill as people —they care about their employees. I have good relationships here.”

Amanda is confident about her job skills: "I know what I'm doing," she says. But she’s always ready to learn new things. She takes seminars and classes on everything from HR and payroll law to advanced Excel to business writing. Level Green pays for part of training like this. Amanda appreciates it.

“They want everybody here to get even better,” she says.

She recently job shadowed two salespeople to get a sense of what their work entails.

“I wanted to see if it would be a cool fit for me someday,” she says.

Away from work, Amanda has her hands just as full. She and husband, Kyle, got married in May. Kyle is working to start his own business installing commercial garage doors. Amanda will help with the paperwork.

Amanda and family

Daughters Madyson, 10, and Olivia, 3, are in gymnastics, and Madyson is a Harry Potter fanatic. The family recently attended a big Harry Potter festival in Virginia, where the girls got to be sorted by a sorting hat, make snitches and discover their patronus.

If none of that makes sense to you, don’t feel bad — Amanda is still getting used to the Potter lingo, too. Feel free to ask her about “Game of Thrones,” though — she’s a recent convert.

She lives in a house in the country, complete with clucking chickens.

“They’re so funny to watch,” Amanda says. “And they eat all our bugs.” The fresh eggs are a bonus, too.

Raising chickens is a learning experience — just like landscaping.

“Before I started working at a landscaping company, I thought it was just a guy on a lawnmower,” Amanda says. “I thought, 'How could a company be so big just mowing grass?’ I had no idea how much there is to it.”

She’s impressed by the company’s rapid growth, she says, and happy to be part of it. Ask Amanda what part she plays in the company’s success, and she thinks for a minute.

“I do my best,” she says.  

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