Ryan Bramer just unloaded 1,300 daylilies and 450 liriope, that grass-like groundcover landscapers love.

That’s a lot of plants. And the unloading is just the beginning — Ryan can already envision how great they’ll look in their new home.

A construction manager at Level Green Landscaping, Ryan loves transforming properties with the power of plants.

Ryan preps for each day’s job the day before, loading up trucks with the right tools, materials and safety equipment. Each morning, he drives the truck and equipment to the job site, then supervises the landscaping crews, keeping everybody on time and following the planting designs.

If you’re looking for him, he says, watch for the guy lugging all the landscape architect’s plans.

RyanRyan discovered Level Green at a career fair while he was still in college at Oklahoma State University. He applied for an internship and worked with us for a summer. He liked us and we liked him.

So we brought him on full time as soon as he graduated.

You might find Ryan at a sprawling shopping center, removing unsightly old landscaping then transforming the place with new. One of his latest jobs was at a big shopping center near Annapolis.

He was on site from demolition to completion and loved watching it all come together, seeing a property blossom with the power of great landscaping. Hearing compliments from customers as they passed by felt pretty great, too.

Ryan helped install lots of crepe myrtle trees, salvia, rose bushes and liriope. He loves how the smooth gray outer bark of crepe myrtles flakes away to reveal glossy cinnamon brown bark beneath. When you love plants the way Ryan does, you notice these kinds of things.

He grew up around this kind of work. A family member owned a landscape company, so he learned the ropes early. His mom had a garden at their home in upstate New York, and young Ryan helped to weed and harvest tomatoes and zucchini. He loved riding the big tractors his dad rented to mow the lawn on property he owned.

A desk job just wouldn’t suit him, he says. He thrives outside.

erica and ryan.png


He and his wife Erica live in an apartment complex for now, so Ryan’s personal landscaping is limited to a planter on the patio filled with salvia and vinca.  But he dreams of a home with a nice spread of land so he can really dig in.

Ryan loves hiking and biking, ultimate Frisbee and any kind of sport. All good ways to burn off the calories when he and Erica head to the kitchen together to bake a cake or a pan of brownies.

On the job, he likes to get to know the guys who work with him. His goal is to get the work done, but enjoy some joking around, too. Work should feel fun, he says — like a family.

Ryan loves Level Green’s commitment to continually teaching its employees, always keeping them moving forward, gaining skills and knowledge, using their gifts.

If you happen to be planting 1,300 daylilies — or even three — don't sink them into the soil too deep, Ryan says. That’s a common mistake. Toss in a bit of compost or good topsoil. Keep them watered.

Then, do as he does, and enjoy the transformation.


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