Have you signed up for snow removal yet?

What are you waiting for?

(If you answer “snow,” that’s the wrong answer.)

“The longer you wait, the fewer resources will be available for you,” says Paul Wisniewski, division manager at Level Green Landscaping. “It may take longer for us to do your snow removal, which adds more risk.”

Sign that contract.

Here’s why:

You Want The Best People On Your Property

Level Green Landscaping snow removal workers and snow plowsWe partner with subcontractors to make sure we have enough people to clear our clients’ snow quickly and efficiently.

We’re in the process now of contacting interested workers, finding out what equipment they have and where they live.

But we can’t hire them until we know we’ll need them.

And if we don’t bring them on, other landscaping companies will.

“I might have to turn good people away because I don’t know yet if I need them, and by the time I go back to them, they’ll already be working with somebody else,” Wisniewski says.

You want the best possible crews on your property, right?

So do we.

“We have high standards we want to live up to,” Wisniewski says.

Help us get the best crews on board by signing your contract.

You Want The Right Equipment

snow removal equipment with snow removal contractThis might surprise you, but we don’t own all the snow plows, skid steers and snow blowers we need to service our vast client load. No landscaping company does.

What we don’t have, we rent. And we need to reserve this vital equipment well in advance of the first snow storm.

We set aside our own equipment for our customers who sign up early.

You want to be in that club, right?

It Takes Time To Plan Your Property’s Snow Plan

We work hard — in advance — to create a custom snow removal plan that fits your property’s unique needs.

“We meet with customers on site, we walk their site with them so we know exactly where to put the snow, and so we know all their expectations,” Wisniewski says. “It’s best to do that now, while the weather is still nice and when we still have the time.”

That ensures the best plan for your snow removal needs.

You Need To Be On Our Route

We started planning our snow removal routes in August.

Are you on one of them?

“When we have to add a client at the last minute,” Wisniewski says, “we might not be able to get to them as quickly.”

Snow Planning Is Tricky Around Here

“In this market, we don’t know how much snow we’ll get year to year,” Wisniewski says. “It’s not like in Boston, where they know they’ll get 80 inches. One year we might get 30 inches, the next year we might get two inches.”

That means planning is tricky. If we don’t have your company information in the mix, it’s even trickier.

That can hamper our ability to give you the best possible service.

The More Efficient We Are, The Less You Pay

Level Green Landscaping snow removal truck“The more efficient we are in our snow removal, the less it will cost you, since we bill based on time and materials,” Wisniewski says.

“So if you sign your contract early, it helps us staff correctly and arrange for the right amount of equipment.

“That can save you money.”

It Doesn’t Cost You Any More To Sign Up Now

We base your snow removal fee on time and materials. You don’t pay us until we start clearing snow.

“We’re not charging you up front,” Wisniewski says. “You won’t get a bill that says you owe us money on November 1.”

You have nothing to lose if you sign up now. And a lot to gain.

Sign Your Level Green Show Contract Now

Our account managers are ready when you are. They’ll make the process easy.

Level Green Landscaping provides snow and ice management services for its commercial maintenance customers throughout Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia.

Call us at 202-544-0968 or complete our contact form online to ensure you have the best snow removal company for your commercial property — before the snow piles up.

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