Landscaping is a lot of work. You’ve probably realized that if your city, township, or county tackles these outdoor tasks on your own — along with all the other hard work it takes to run a municipality. 

Need a hand?

Hire expert landscaping services for municipalities, and say goodbye to your landscaping stress.

Here’s why you should take the plunge: 

1. You'll Always Look Great

A professional commercial landscaping company stays on top of all your city’s landscaping needs, which means you don’t have to worry about looking great.

We’ve got you covered — in a lot of ways.

  • Your turf will be neat and healthy.
  • Your fall leaves will be tidied up.
  • Irrigation? It’s handled. 
  • Fresh mulch will discourage weeds, retain moisture — and just plain make your whole place look fantastic.
  • A bed of pretty summer annuals at your city hall front entrance? Yep. 
  • Shrubs pruned? Debris removed? Drainage problems solved? Check, check, check.

Hire professional landscaping services for municipalities and pros will stay on top of your landscape’s many needs. 

2. Keep Your Property Safe 

A bustling municipality has a lot going on. You might not notice potential danger spots on your property. 

They can be sneaky.

Your parking lot might need a lighting boost, so people aren’t nervous about walking to their car. 

parking lot landscaping

Cracked or buckling sidewalks pose a tripping hazard.

Dead or dying tree branches can suddenly topple, hitting pedestrians or cars. 

When you hire a professional landscaping company, they’re on top of potential dangers that might escape the eyes of your busy staff.

Our account managers regularly patrol your city’s properties, and alert you to potential problems.

3. You Get Expert Service

This is all we do. We’ve spent countless hours and dollars perfecting how to take care of your property the best, fastest, most efficient way.

We have training, certifications, years of experience. 

Lawn care is just a small part of what you‘d do. You have a whole city government to run. 

4. You’ll Likely Pay Less

Worried about the cost of landscaping services for cities? Chances are, you’ll pay less for professional landscaping services than if you tackle the work yourself. 

You have to hire people, pay for training, pay for health care, buy equipment, buy trucks, pay for professional certifications for your employees.

You’re entrusted to spend your citizens’ money wisely, in the best way possible. 

Is paying more than you have to for landscaping the right thing to do? 

5. You’ll Get More Than Just Mowing

A good professional landscaping company does a lot more than just mow your grass.

Crews are a second set of eyes on your property, always on the lookout for potential problems. 

Maybe there’s a pile of trash building up by the dumpster, or a sinkhole near your drain. We’ll snap a photo and say, "Do you want us to take care of this?”

Less worry for you.

We handle your irrigation, storm water, and drainage issues.

leaves in drain causing drainage issue

We notice that the shrubs planted 20 years ago in full sun are now in full shade and failing.

We spot that dead shrub in front of city hall and replace it with a new one that will thrive.

Landscaping services for towns involves a lot of moving parts.

We have time for all of this.

Do you?

6.  Dedicated Landscaping Care 

Use your own staff members for landscaping and they’ll likely be in charge of interior maintenance tasks, too. 

If they only have time for one task, will they pull those unsightly weeds or fix the light in the mayor’s office? (You get one guess.)

Landscaping services for cities is one of our specialties.

Let us take care of the outside. 

7. Snow Removal? No Worries 

Municipalities get a lot of public traffic — both vehicles and pedestrians.

Dependable, expert snow removal is crucial.

Snow removal services

If somebody slips and falls on your property, there can be serious consequences for you. That cost can include legal costs, medical costs, potential insurance rate increases, plus workers’ compensation if an employee slips.

Choose landscaping services for municipalities that includes expert snow removal and coordinated communication, so you’re always in the know.

8. You Get Fresh New Ideas

Professional landscaping companies bring new ideas that might not occur to you. 

Here’s one, no charge: Municipalities typically have a lot of roadside area. How about converting that high-maintenance weedy grass to low-maintenance wildflower meadows? Looks great, saves time and money.

You don’t have to stress about the best ways to care for and improve your municipality’s landscaping.

We’ll bring the best ideas right to you. If there’s not room in this year’s budget for the improvement, we’ll suggest planning it for next year.

Landscaping Services for Municipalities: Trust Level Green

Level Green Landscaping truckMany area municipalities trust Level Green Landscaping to meet their multifaceted landscaping needs.

We’ve offered some pretty great reasons to hire pros to handle your municipality’s landscaping.

We probably have more. Give us a call.

If you’re not already a Level Green Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

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