holiday decorating christmas lights on branchIt’s time to sparkle.

Those pretty plants that brightened your property are going dormant now. It gets darker earlier. Is that a snowflake?

We’ve got your holiday spirit.

Joey Schneider, branch manager at Level Green Landscaping, gets us in a festive mood with a sleigh full of holiday decorating ideas for your commercial property.

Big church? Cozy HOA? Bustling shopping center?

He’s got you covered.

Find Your Festive Style

Every commercial property has its own unique needs for holiday decorating, Schneider says.

It’s not one twinkling tree fits all.

“We do holiday lights for a very large church that does a big Christmas nativity play,” he says. “The lighting we do there sets the mood for when people come to their property. We can go real high with their lights, so there’s a real wow factor.”

HOAs and condos want cozy, festive, homey touches, he says. Lights at the entrance say “welcome home.”

“Retail clients are getting ready for the holiday shoppers,” Schneider says. “So the decorating there helps put people in the right frame of mind.” And helps you stand out in a sea of competing stores.

We’ve got holiday decorating ideas for everybody.

That’s A Wrap

commercial holiday decorating trees wrapped in lightsWrapping your trees with lights packs a huge holiday punch, Schneider says. You can practically see them from the North Pole. They look special and magical. And the higher, the better.

“Your maintenance guy can only get up eight or nine feet to do that, but we have big ladders and can bring in heavy equipment to get 15 or 20 feet up on large trees,” he says. “That can make a really big impact.”

Professional lighting makes all the difference. Trained crews also understand the voltage needs with lighting, Schneider says, and know how many strings can be connected so you don’t keep blowing fuses.

Switch To LED Lights

If you haven’t already made the switch to LED holiday lights, don’t wait another year.  

“LEDs make a huge difference in how many lights you can run,” Schneider says. “There are customers who purchased the older style lights, and they have  a lot of amps running through them. LEDs use a lot less electricity, so your power bill is lower.”

James Kole, another Level Green branch manager, agrees.

“It’s more of an upfront investment,” he says, “but the electricity usage is much less, and if bulbs go out, the string continues to work.”

Be Cool

Want your property to really stand out?

Kole suggests switching to cool white lights instead of the traditional warm white.

The difference will really make your property pop.

Trees. Wreaths. Garland. Check.

You name it, we can festoon it.

Lights and garland on your lamp posts. Huge lighted wreaths to beckon customers. Towering, twinkling trees.

Don’t leave your lobby or courtyard sad and bare. It’s Christmas!

“We can put up really large Christmas trees in lobbies and courtyards and in the middle of shopping centers,” Schneider says.

Bonus: choose a tree with its root ball intact and wrapped, instead of a cut tree, he says, and crews will plant it on your property after the holidays.

Dress Up Your Pots

poinsettia for commercial holiday decoratingThose decorative pots, planters and window boxes have worked hard for you for months.

Treat them to a festive facelift for the holidays.

We’ll get containers holiday ready with evergreens decked out in lights and shiny baubles.

Swap out your fall cabbages and kale for wintry twigs and berries, red twig dogwood and glossy winterberry holly with its cheery red berries.

Indoors, pile on the poinsettias.

“People love those,” Schneider says. “We can bring in lots of different heights and colors for lobbies and entrances.”

Need Help With Set Up?

So you have a 10-foot decorative snowman tucked in your back room? A fleet of reindeer? Santa’s sleigh?

Leave the setup to us.

“We can help set it up and take it down,” Schneider says. “It’s a busy time of year, so we can take that off your maintenance staff’s plate.”

What Are You Waiting For?

Our best holiday decorating tip? Get on it.

“People should be deciding about this now,” Schneider says. “You want to have the full effect of your decorating to start right after Thanksgiving.

“It costs the same, whether you have it installed in mid-November or mid-December.”

But if you wait until December, he says, you’ve just lost a whole month of holiday cheer.

“I like to get things installed before Thanksgiving, then just leave the lights off,” Schneider says. "Then, the day after Thanksgiving, it’s ready to go and our timers will kick in and turn everything on.”

Light Up Your Holidays With Level Green

Is your holiday to-do list looking a bit scary?

Cross off “holiday decorating” and leave it to us.

We’d love to tell you more about great holiday decorating ideas for your property.

If you’re not already a Level Green Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

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It’s time to deck those halls.

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