You probably do a lot of things to boost your company brand — to ensure that when customers hear your name, they have positive thoughts.

Is landscaping on your list? If not, it should be.

That sea of vibrant, colorful flowers out front contributes to your brand. So does the appealing common area, where oversized planters brim with exotic tropical plants and kids happily splash their hands in your water feature.

How can your landscaping company and its services boost your brand? You’ll be surprised at all the ways:

Landscape Elements As Branding

The right landscaping element can have so much appeal, your company becomes known for it.

On the campus of the University of Maryland is a giant M created entirely of flowers. It’s one of the most photographed spots on campus.

Level Green crews plant the M with 1,000 sturdy red begonias in the spring and 1,000 cheerful yellow pansies in the fall. The flower-filled M is one of the most recognizable university landmarks. Branding.

There are lots of other ways landscaping can boost your brand. Be the business with the big fountain out in front, surrounded by colorful flowers.

One of our office building clients just asked us to create a corn hole court outside. That’s branding, too.

U of M Chapel

Landscaped Signage

You’ve likely put a lot of thought and expense into your front signage, from the size of the sign to the font of the lettering to lighting it at night.

Don't forget landscaping. It makes all the difference.

Surrounding signage with colorful flowers, flowering shrubs and evergreens for winter interest gives a sign more impact. People notice it. Your signage is a big part of your brand. Make it count.

Proper and Timely Maintenance

Property managers have a million things to do, day after day. Landscaping? It can easily fall through the cracks.

A top-notch landscaping company that specializes in commercial properties will keep your site looking great — so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our comprehensive checklist covers it all, from turf health to weeds to blowing and edging. We prune trees and shrubs, fertilize your lawn, check your hardscape for cracks or other damage.

Safety? Trash pick-up? Irrigation? Drainage? Check, check, check and check.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game, suggesting to property managers ways your property can look even better. We’re a vigilant extra set of eyes on your site. You might not notice a safety issue, or an element of your landscaping in decline — but we will.

Hand Watering Keeps Everything Fresh

Healthy, vibrant plants are key to your company’s image. That means plenty of watering.

A hand watering service is ideal if your landscaping consists mostly of planting beds and decorative pots. That’s typical for many urban properties, from hotels to storefronts to office buildings.

Our crews visit two or three times a week and hand water with hoses attached to our water tanks. If we do the watering, we guarantee the plant material we supply, because we know it will be watered thoroughly and regularly.

Healthy plants, healthy brand.

Portering Keeps Things Tidy

Portering is trash and debris pick-up that goes beyond the ordinary, and it’s great for keeping unsightly items off your property.

Packing material that escapes from your warehouse and blows around your lawn. Discarded belongings left on the curb of your apartment complex. Rotting pallets that nobody else has hauled away.

Portering clears all the debris that makes your property look messy and ignored.

Landscaping As An Experience

Any landscaping element that makes you memorable contributes to your brand. It might be a walking path for employees to use at lunchtime or after work.

It could be a healing garden on your hospital grounds, filled with fragrant plants associated with healing: lavender, rosemary, roses, catnip, sage and sweet marjoram. Or a creative playscape that causes kids to ask mom and dad when they can come back again.



An unsafe property not only reflects badly on you and your brand, it can cause you to be sued if someone gets injured.

Commercial landscape maintenance plays a key role here. Skilled crews will make sure dead branches are trimmed before they topple, that shrubs are pruned so they don’t block vision, that your turf doesn't contain low spots that can cause pedestrians to stumble or twist an ankle.

Your Landscape Company’s Appearance

It wouldn’t be fair to tell you how you should look if we didn’t care how we look.

We look great. Our trucks and trailers get a thorough pressure wash every other week. Twice a year, they get waxed.

Once a year all the truck beds and sides get sanded and repainted, so our trucks always look like new.

Our crews keep their vehicles clean and clutter free. They wear neat uniforms and always look professional and presentable.

You'll be proud to have our trucks and our crews on your property. Your brand is safe with us.

How Landscaping Can Ruin Your Brand

As easily as great landscaping can boost your brand, neglected landscaping can ruin it.

You don't want to be known as the building with the ratty, overgrown shrubs. Or the office park that’s just a sea of hot concrete.

If you’re not taking care of the outside of your property, why would anyone assume things are under control on the inside?


Trust Your Company’s Brand To Level Green

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Let us show you.

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