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Landscaping is a lot of work. You’ve probably realized that if your city, township, or county tackles these outdoor tasks on your own — along with all the other hard work it takes to run a municipality. 

Need a hand?

Hire expert landscaping services for municipalities, and say goodbye to your landscaping stress.

Here’s why you should take the plunge: 

Sometimes, nature tries to take over.

Invasive plants are an increasing problem in Maryland and Virginia, taking over forests of native trees and plants and slowly killing them.

What are invasive plants? How do you control invasive plants?

Brad Butler, corporate manager at Level Green Landscaping, talks about the problem — and the painstaking, important solution.

Choosing a landscaping company for your HOA or condo association might not be your favorite thing.

We understand. It’s a big decision, and you have a lot of choices. 

How do you know if a company will meet your needs, communicate well, follow landscaping guidelines for HOAs, and look out for your best interests?

Ashley Owens, business development manager at Level Green Landscaping, knows landscaping responsibilities for HOAs can be daunting.

How to choose the best company? 

While some landscaping mistakes are no big deal — like planting too many tulips — others can impact the security of your property.

That lovely old tree is majestic, but are its roots causing cracks or heaving in your pavement?

That hedge of flowering shrubs looks great, but is it impeding the view of drivers?

Let’s take a look at six landscaping mistakes that can affect the security of your property.

You wouldn’t think a snowfall less than two inches would be a very big deal. 

So why does it keep Level Green Landscaping managers up all night, our crews on alert and everybody’s eagle eyes on multiple weather forecasts?


It’s no mystery to our snow manager, Greg Stacho.

He walks us through an hour by hour look at what happens behind the scenes to prepare for a snowfall of less than two inches — when most people are still deep in slumber.

Pass by any Level Green Landscaping job site and you’ll see a scene dotted with the vivid orange of STIHL power tools, from backpack blowers to weed eaters to disc edgers.

We use the time-honored German company’s equipment for a reason: it hardly ever breaks down. 

While the 90-year-old company invented the chainsaw and is steeped in tradition, it’s also on the forefront of the latest landscaping equipment technology.

Chances are when you see Michael Mayberry, he’s wearing a Level Green Landscaping shirt.

“Most of my clothes have the company logo on them,” says Mayberry, chief technical officer at Level Green.

That’s fine with him. 

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“I feel proud about wearing my uniform,” he says. “I make sure I’m standing up straight. I carry myself with pride when I’m wearing our shirts. Everybody here does.”

Our crisp, clean uniforms make Level Green look good. But they affect our customers, too.