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If you care about the impact your commercial property makes on the environment and the health of the people who work in and visit your property, LEED certification is worth considering.

While much of LEED certification involves the construction of a building, “Don’t forget about the outside, too,” says Shelley Russell (pictured), landscape designer at Level Green Landscaping. Russell is trained in LEED certification, earning a LEED Green Associate designation.

“We can help you get more points so you can achieve a higher level, maybe move from Platinum to Gold,” she says.

What is she talking about?

Here’s a closer look at why LEED certification matters for your commercial property — and how landscaping can help you get there.

Winter can be rough on your property’s irrigation system.

Water may have seeped in over the past few months, freezing and thawing, causing damage.

Sprinkler heads can be clogged with debris. Your pump might need some attention after all these months.

What’s your plan? Turn on the water and hope for the best?

We have a better idea. Use our spring irrigation system start-up checklist to make sure your system is ready for another successful watering season.

Take these steps to save water, money and prevent a mid-summer irrigation meltdown.

You probably don't think too much about drainage in your landscape — you just assume it’s there.

When everything’s going well, you don’t have to worry about your excess rainwater — your property will direct it through your city’s sewers, or toward area waterways.

If it doesn’t, you have a drainage problem. And that can mean extensive — and expensive — damage.

Let’s take a look at why water management is a crucial issue for your commercial property, and a few solutions to keep you dry.

Now that the watering season is winding down, you might have tucked thoughts of your irrigation system away for the winter.

Not so fastYour irrigation system needs some attention before the snow flies. Preparing it for winter is critical here in the DC area, where freezing temperatures can quickly destroy an irrigation system that wasn’t properly winterized.

Let’s take a look at winterizing irrigation systems, and look ahead to irrigation trends in commercial landscapes you should think about for next season.