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Behind the scenes and insider information for landscaping careers and green industry jobs.

Caitlin Cross loves doing something that fills a lot of people with fear: she shows up at businesses unannounced, with her business card, ready to chat. 

Her goal as a business developer: drum up some new business for Level Green Landscaping. 

“I love to cold call,” Caitlin says. “I show up and introduce myself. It disarms people. It’s harder for them to turn me away if I’m there in person.”

Brittany Antolik was a field manager at a large landscaping company for six years, hoping to advance in her landscaping career.

Too bad she was stuck. 

“They kept saying they’d promote me, but I never saw the fruit of it,” she says. “It was frustrating. I wanted to move up for a long time.” She found a place to soar at Level Green.

When Level Green Landscaping recruiter Erica Cain visits college career fairs or industry conferences, she brings along other Level Green women with her to staff the table, and she has plenty of choices.

Account managers. Business developers. An operations manager. Crew leaders. The chief financial officer. The list goes on.

“I don’t just tell about how we have great women working at Level Green, I show it,” says Cain, talent acquisition specialist. “I bring women along, to show this is who we are. We’re not just men. We’re women, too.”

Thinking about a career in horticulture? Here’s a challenge: name every job you can think of in the field of horticulture.

We bet your list will just scratch the surface.

A horticulture degree can lead to careers in plant breeding, genetic engineering, landscape design, farming, floral design, research, nursery production, education, food science, landscape construction and management, pest control, marketing — the list goes on.

There are jobs out there you might not even know exist, like horticulture therapists who help senior citizens and those with disabilities by using their expertise in therapeutic plants.

Let’s take look at some of the best horticulture careers.

If you love being outdoors, working with your hands, solving problems and being part of a team, there are lots of job opportunities in the landscape and grounds maintenance field.

Crew members plant flowers, mow lawns and make landscapes beautiful. Landscape designers create artistry from the ground up. Field supervisors combine people skills with organizational know-how to make sure jobs are done just right.

Let’s take a look at some landscape maintenance jobs.