Here at Level Green Landscaping, 80 percent of the seasonal employees who worked for us last year returned to work for us again this year.

We consider that a success story — for us and for them.

Is a seasonal landscaping job right for you? What kind of work is involved? What do you need to know?

We’ll answer all your questions about seasonal landscaping jobs in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

When Does Seasonal Work Happen?

That depends on the weather. We typically hire seasonal workers in mid-February, and keep them busy until all the leaves are gone. That can range from early October to December.

Typically, our seasonal workers are laid off from December through mid-February.

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What Happens During Seasonal Layoff?

Seasonal workers can decide to remain available and on call for snow removal, find other work in the area, or both.

Some find part-time jobs elsewhere and are on call with us for snow removal, if their employer is flexible about scheduling. Once seasonal work ends for the season, we ask workers to fill out paperwork telling us if they’d like to be on call for snow removal.

Some seasonal employees use the off season to go back to their home countries to spend time with family.

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What Kind Of Seasonal Work Is Available?

Our seasonal workers perform all kinds of landscaping jobs. They operate equipment, including mowers, blowers and weed eaters. If you don't know how to use this equipment, we’ll train you.

Seasonal workers also weed, prepare beds for mulch and spread mulch, plant flowers and plants, install hardscaping like pavers and do leaf removal in the fall.

What Is The Pay? Are There Benefits?

Seasonal pay depends on your experience but is very competitive. And there are many benefits. After one year of work our seasonal workers get paid holidays and start building vacation time.

Returning seasonal employees can turn in their old uniform and get a new one at no cost. We also pay drivers for mileage driving back and forth to job sites.

Are There Opportunities To Move To Full-Time Work?

Yes! We love to promote from within. If you come back year after year, show you're dependable, and go the extra mile, we notice that.

Seasonal workers can move up to drivers if they have a driver's license, and then to assistant supervisor. These employees need to speak conversational English so they can communicate with our customers.

Our company is experiencing tremendous growth, which means more opportunities for employment.

What Information Do You Need?

We need to know if you have any experience in the industry and if you are legal to work in the United States.

Job-related references aren’t required for seasonal workers like they are for full-time job applicants.

What Qualities Are You Looking For In A Seasonal Worker?

We need to know that you’re dependable and will show up for work every day. It’s difficult to plan our work days if we don’t know who will be there.

You should have a great work ethic and be willing to learn. You should be a team player, as you'll be working alongside others. You should also be adaptable and flexible. You’ll be doing lots of different kinds of jobs, and we may need to move you from one work crew to another.

And you should be willing to work hard. What we do isn’t easy, but there’s great reward in seeing your accomplishments at the end of each day.

Do I Need To Speak English?

No. Speaking English is not a requirement for seasonal work, but it will help you move up the career ladder if that’s your goal.

Why Should I Want To Work At Level Green?

We’re like a family here. If you join us, we’ll take care of you.

We appreciate our employees, and we show them. We give awards for good work and have parties and events throughout the year to celebrate our employees and spend good time together.

Come Talk To Us At Level Green Landscaping

We’re a growing company looking for driven people who value quality work and client relationships as much as we do.

We’d love to hear about you and why you’d be a good fit for a seasonal landscaping job here.

Our team members receive competitive pay and benefits, and they have the opportunity to move up within the company. We love what we do, and we’re always looking for others who feel the same way.

Apply below for one of our open positions, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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