Here at Level Green Landscaping, we have a lot in common with dogs.

We love big expanses of green grass.

Sometimes, our feet are muddy. We appreciate the scent of open water and scuffling through crisp fall leaves.

We're loyal. We're friendly. We love a good ball chase.

It's probably why a lot of us have dogs. Sometimes they even tag along with us to work, or keep us company in the truck on the way to Home Depot.

We love cats, too, and we're even partial to geckos.

Meet the pets of Level Green Landscaping.

While we love being at work, it's great to come home to these loyal, lovable friends.

Owner: Ryan Graham

Pet Name: Frisco

Breed: Black lab and pit bull mix

Age: 1.5

Frisco - Ryan Graham

Fun Facts: Frisco’s favorite activities include barking at birds, eating bees, and chewing up Ryan's shoes.

The picture was taken on his birthday in February after he ate too much cake, which is why he looks miserable.

Owner: Brad Butler

Pet names: Rocky (black) and Luka (blue/gray) are the youngest of Butler's six dogs.

Breed: Italian Mastiffs

Age: 2.5

Rock - Brad Butler

Luka - Brad Butler

Fun facts: Bred to protect family and property, the 200-lb. dogs step in as referees when the kids squabble, standing between them.

As a reward for all this protection and loyalty they get homemade dog food made from chicken, rice and buckwheat.

Owner: Joey Schneider

Pet name: Winter

Breed: German shepherd/black lab mix

Age: 11 months

Winter - Joey Schneider

Fun facts: Winter loves swimming, tennis balls, baseballs and licking people. She's helped declutter the kids' toy collections — by chewing them up.

Owner: Don Gates

Pet names: Layla, on the right, and Tank

Breeds: Layla is a bluenose pit bull; Tank is a Staffordshire bull terrier.

Ages: Layla is 2; Tank is 4

Layla & Tank - Don Gates

Fun facts: Both sweet pups were rescued from a shelter. They love water and boat rides.

"They've brought a lot of love to our home," Don says.

Owner: Emilie Roper

Pet names: The little brown guy on Emilie's hand is Copper. The bigger one is Leo.

Breed: Copper is a crested gecko. Leo is a leopard gecko.

Copper - Emilie Roper

Leo - Emilie Roper

Fun facts: Copper eats fruit paste. Leo loves to explore and run around. He eats meal worms and crickets.

Owner: Doug Delano

Pet name: Luc

Breed: Terrier mix

Age: 6

Luc - Doug Delano

Luc - Doug Delano 2

Fun facts: Luc is a little crazy and hates big dogs.

He has a wardrobe of seasonal outfits and loves to go to work with Doug, trotting around visiting everybody until his dad reins him in.

Owner: Scott Rupert

Pet name: Duke

Breed: Black lab

Age: 11

Duke - Scott Rupert

Duke - Scott Rupert 2

Fun facts: An adventure-loving dog, Duke loves doing the two things his owner likes to do: shop at Home Depot and hang out on the University of Maryland campus.

Owner: Marvin Balsoma

Pet name: Diezel

Breed: pocket American bully

Age: 2

Diezel - Marvin Balsoma 1

Diezel - Marvin Balsoma 2

Fun facts: He likes to wear sunglasses and go for car rides. And chew everything.

Owner: Brad Sarno

Pet names: Left to right, Smokey, Sammie, Charlie

Breeds: Sammie is an Australian shepherd; Charlie is an Aussiedoodle.

Ages: Sammie, 12; Charlie, 1

Smokey, Sammie & Charlie - Brad Sarno

Fun facts: Smokey was found under a house by a friend's mom and given to the Sarnos. Sammie likes to eat.

Don't leave your shoes or flip flops unattended — Charlie will chew them.

Owner: Eric Bross

Pet name: Panda

Breed: Yorkie/Maltipoo mix.   

Age: 10 weeks

Panda - Eric Bross

Panda - Eric Bross 2

Fun fact: Panda is 10 weeks old and is currently enrolled in puppy kindergarten in Arlington, VA.

Owner: Jeff Klingensmith

Pet names: Thor and Murphy

Breeds: Thor is a German Shepherd; Murphy is a Maine Coon cat

Age: Thor is 3.5; Murphy is 1

Thor - Jeff Klingensmith

Murphy - Jeff Klingensmith

Fun facts: Thor loves playing fetch. Murphy likes to stir up mischief.

Owner: Craig Fugate

Pet name: Chico

Breed: Chihuahua/Pekingese mix

Age: 2

Chico - Craig Fugate

Fun facts: Chico was fearful and skittish after being rescued from an abusive home, but after about six months with the Fugates, he learned to trust and love his new parents. Now he's playful and very lovable.

Owner: Shelley Russell

Pet name: Pudge

Age: 10

Breed: Beagle mix

Pudge - Shelley Russell

Fun facts: He showed up at the Russell home one day after following their other dog home. He laid down on the front porch for the entire weekend and never left.

“I guess he chose us!” Shelley says.

Owner: Ashley Owens

Pet names: Goose and Amelia

Breed: Vizsla

Age: Goose, 10 and Amelia, 8

Goose & Amelia - Ashley Owens

Fun facts: Goose always tells on himself before Ashley has discovered he’s done something bad. If he’s been rummaging in the trash, he’ll hold a piece in his mouth and come sit in front of her, confessing, his ears laid back in guilt.

Amelia won’t go to sleep unless she’s under a blanket

Goose is named after the character in "Top Gun."

Amelia is named after Amelia Earhart.

Owner: Jose Ruiz

Pet name: Pee-Wee

Breed: Poodle/Bichon mix

Age: 9

Pee-wee - Jose Ruiz

Pee-wee - Jose Ruiz 2

Fun facts: Pee-Wee is diabetic and needs to get shots every day, but he loves to play outside and is, Jose says, "King of the house.”

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