Being outdoors has always been Joey Schneider’s calling. It was just a matter of finding a job that was the right fit.

016.jpgJoey went to work for the Maryland Department of Agriculture, handling farm conservation. He thought the job would allow him to work outside a lot, but instead, he found himself mainly behind a desk doing paperwork.

He started looking for a job in another industry like construction but was contacted by a recruiter for a national landscape company. He was unsure at first and continued the job search.

But when the recruiter reached out to him again, he decided to give the landscape industry a chance.

And that was it. Joey he fell in love with landscaping after the first day.

Sticking to What He Loves

Now an account manager with Level Green Landscaping, his main job is to take care of customers. Two major parts of that are keeping good lines of communication and making sure their property meets the contract and their expectations.

A typical day for him (if there is such a thing) could include designing new landscapes, diagnosing pest problems, educating clients on landscaping, planting flowers, training crews, recruiting from colleges, taking clients out to lunch or plowing snow during the winter.

JoeyWhile not part of the job description, Joey is also great at keeping the whole team laughing with his jokes.

He says his favorite part about the job is making people happy — like seeing a customer’s face after they install a new planting in a spot that looked rough for years. Or, maybe it’s getting a call about how jealous others are of a client’s enhanced property.

In a word, clients can expect passion from Joey. He has a straightforward personality that tells it like it is, so clients don’t have to worry about him beating around the bush. Because really, who has time for that?

Another part of that passion is his dedication to doing his best and making sure all of the work is done at a high level.

Family at Work and Home

IMG_1794.jpgJoey has also built strong relationships with the other Level Green Landscaping employees. While everyone puts in hard work, they don’t forget to have some laughs and make the work even more enjoyable.

Joey says the company has a family atmosphere and he’s really gotten to know everyone who works there.

When he isn’t taking care of customers, you’ll find Joey hanging out with his family. And with three children younger than 6 years old, a good bit of that time is spent playing outside with them.

But this hardworking family man has an entertaining side, too — beyond just joking on the jobsite.

IMG_0371.jpgIn high school, Joey and his friends started a DJ company called Interior Sounds and would perform for different high schools and proms. He even had his own DJ name: Glos. (Try calling him that if you see him.)

Want to Join the Team?

Joey is just one of the dedicated team members we have here at Level Green Landscaping. And we’re always looking for people with good work ethics to join our team.

Are you ready to work for a company that has fun and works hard?

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