Temperatures might still be breaking heat records, but the first snowfall isn’t as far away as you might think. Now is the time to make sure your commercial property is ready for everything the winter will throw at it.

Snow and ice events can wreak havoc on your property if not properly treated. Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common injuries and liability issues on commercial sites, so don’t let your property become another costly statistic. Instead, find a company that can meet all of your winter needs.

And don’t put off searching for commercial snow removal companies in Washington DC. You want to have time to figure out a plan with them about how they will manage your property well before the first flake falls. That way, they know which areas are top priorities on your site, where all of your entrances are and don’t have to guess when it’s all covered in snow. (We’ve actually had companies wait to contact us until the day of a snow event to see if we can service their property.)

To ensure your property is safe and in the right hands come winter, here are six tips for choosing the best commercial snow removal contractor in Washington DC.

Ask About Their Turnaround Time After A Storm

Level Green Landscaping provides commercial snow removal services in Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia.One of your first concerns is probably how quickly the company will be on your site after it snows, and rightfully so. You don’t want piles of snow still on your site when employees and visitors get there in the morning.

So, see how soon the snow removal company will start working on your property after it snows. They should guarantee a response time, which normally ranges from one to three hours.

Check Their List Of Services

Not all commercial snow and ice removal services are created equal. So, you need to have the company break down exactly what they will (and won’t) do for your property this winter.

Here are some questions to ask a snow removal company to get a better idea of what they provide:

  • Do you clear parking lots, sidewalks and entrances of snow and ice?
  • Do you spray deicers?
  • What type of preventative snow and ice measures do you take (ice control)?
  • Will you haul and remove all of the snow from the property, or where does it go?
  • Are your snow and ice removal services an add-on option for your maintenance accounts, or is it a stand-alone service?

It’s important to know exactly what you’ll be getting before signing a contract with a snow and ice removal company. Winter events are difficult enough to predict: You don’t need any other surprises from the company you hire.

Verify They Have The Required Insurance

When everyone else heads insides and bunkers down from the snow, your commercial snow and ice removal company will be heading out into the treacherous weather. Although they should have safety training to handle the elements, you still want to make sure they have the right insurance in case there is an accident or issue.

A landscaping business can obtain adequate coverage for snow services by adding it to their regular general liability policy to cover the snow removal operations. Any damage or incidents caused by the vehicle while they are snowplowing will be covered by the auto policy.

However, you’ll run into issues if you decide to work with someone who uses snow and ice removal services as a side business (not part of an existing business). A lot of people think they can just hook up a plow to their truck and start going — without getting any coverage.

Make sure that’s not the case with the company you choose to manage your site. They should provide you with their proof of insurance, which should include liability coverage and workers’ compensation. You don’t want someone who cuts corners with coverage because that could be a costly mistake.

Make Sure They Track Equipment And Employees

If someone slips on your property or you have questions about when the removal services were performed, you need to be able to prove when the company was there and did what they said they did. Basically, you need a company that can provide proof the site was serviced after a snow and ice occurrence.


The best way to track that is by using a commercial snow and ice removal company that has equipment equipped with GPS. That system will track where the equipment is, when it got to your site and when it left.

Using this technology, the company can give you reports each month to show you exactly what you’re paying for — no matter if you have a per-occurrence or lump sum contract.

Inspect Their Snow Removal Equipment

You can't predict when snow will fall, so the company needs to be ready at a moment's notice. But if their equipment is out of commission and in the shop, they won't be able to get to your site in a timely manner. So, make sure they have equipment that is up and running and in good condition.

They should use quality, commercial-grade machines and attachments to clear your property. The company should also perform daily inspections on the equipment to ensure it’s working properly. In case of an issue, they should have back-up machines so you’re not left in a bad situation.

You want a company that’s ready for anything.

Keep Safety First On Property

A Level Green Landscaping Safety Cone on a DC PropertySnow and ice can create dangerous conditions. Add in the low temps and working at night with low visibility, and you have all of the ingredients for an accident if the equipment operator doesn’t follow safe practices on your site.

All of the company’s operators should receive safety training on how to maneuver through snow and ice, ways to keep warm, how to prevent accidents and the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear.

Make sure safety is a top priority for the company and that they have a good safety record. They should also focus on keeping your property safe so there are no accidents there because of the weather.

Hire A Snow And Ice Removal Company You Can Trust

Don’t let your property become a slip-and-fall accident zone this winter. Find a company that focuses on quality work, quick turnaround times, safety and helping you meet your property goals to manage your commercial snow removal services on your Washington DC site.

Level Green Landscaping provides snow removal services for its commercial maintenance customers throughout Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia. All of our equipment operators undergo continuous safety training, and we all have full-coverage insurance that includes our snow removal services.

Our services include hand labor for clearing walkways and stairs, along with using equipment and spreader trucks for roadways. We inspect our equipment before it heads to your jobsite and keep all of our machines in good condition.

Call us at 202-544-0968, or schedule a consultation online to ensure your commercial property is ready for everything winter throws at it.

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