A mixed-use commercial property needs a great mixed bag of amenities, so there’s something appealing for everybody.

A fun multi-use stage area where a multitude of events make your place impossible to resist? Check.

A welcoming dog park for everybody’s furry friends? Check.

A flickering fire pit, because who can resist s’mores? Check.

Does your checklist look a bit light?

Make your mixed-use commercial property a bustling must-go destination with landscaping amenities that celebrate all the reasons people enjoy your popular place.

1. A Place to Play

Playgrounds are great, but grown-ups love to play, too, so a bocce court or putting green offers a chance to set workday worries aside and have a little fun.

playground near living spaces at hoa property

These game spots invite lingering and work up a thirst, which means more time spent at your mixed-use commercial property’s coffee shops, restaurants and bars.

2. A Dog Park

Dog owners love their furry pals. They’re more likely to hang out at your mixed-use commercial property if they can bring Champ along.

dog park at mixed use commercial property

A couple nice additions: benches where dog owners can relax while their dogs play, and a high/low water fountain so both people and dogs can get a drink.

Pro tip: think ahead. Exuberant pups dug up the grass in a popular mixed-use site’s dog park. So Level Green crews replaced it with more practical wood chips.

3. A Stage for Multi-Use Entertainment

Set up an intriguing white tent and everybody will want to know what’s happening over there.

The answer? All kinds of stuff.

Open-air multi-use gathering spots quickly become irresistible destinations.

Add a stage with lights and welcoming picnic tables and you have a popular spot for weekly wine tastings, family painting events, live music and comedy, fun movie nights and more.

People will come for the events, then stay to shop, dine, and spend.

Suddenly, you’ve made a visit to your mixed-use commercial property an experience.

4. Pots, Pots, Pots of Flowers

Large-scale planters brimming with flowers add a sense of life and luxury to your mixed-use commercial property.

Extra points if you have an intriguing collection of plants unlike everybody else’s. People notice.

container garden with purple flowers and lantana

Level Green account managers love rising to this challenge, packing wow-worthy tropical-themed planters with exotic palms, colorful coleus, bright begonias, striking blue ageratum, and new varieties of salvia in fuchsia and midnight blue.

Don’t let fall’s chill end the flower show. Continue to impress with autumn-themed planters packed with cold-hardy evergreens, pretty pansies, and the ruffly purple texture of ornamental kale.

5. Add Holiday Magic

People will expect you to bring the dazzle. Don’t disappoint.

Remember those big planters? Now’s the time to swap in festive pine boughs, red twig dogwood branches and glossy green holly. Then add sparkle with twinkling lights.

trees wrapped in christmas lights

How many trees are on your mixed-use commercial property? Whether it’s six or 60, deck them all in lights. Bring in some centerpiece evergreens, too.

There’s no such thing as too much festive.

6. Fire Features

The fun at a mixed-use commercial property doesn’t stop after dark. In fact, it gets better.

Celebrate the after-hours ambience with a flickering fire pit. Surround it with seating, add some festive string lights.

Then, pile on events featuring toasty s’mores, simmering cocoa, seasonal cider. Instant hot spot.

7. Seating and Shade

The two go together — an inviting place to plop down and shade from the hot summer sun.

seating near container gardens and planted flowers

Where to place it? Look around. Where would you want to relax for a bit? Near a fountain? At a patio near the ice cream shop? By the fire pit? Halfway between the stores and the parking lot? In an office-adjacent courtyard?

Those all sound good.

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