battery powered landscaping equipmentWhen you use landscaping equipment every day like we do here at Level Green Landscaping, you get to know it pretty well. 

While gas-powered tools have been our mainstay for decades— just like everybody else in the industry — lately we’ve started the move from gas-fueled to battery-powered mowers, blowers, weed-eaters and shears.

We want to be as green as possible (it’s in our company name, after all) and we know our customers do, too.

We’ve equipped two of our Washington DC crews with all battery-powered equipment.

So, as we start to make the switch, which is better: battery or gas-powered mowers and other equipment?

Let’s take a look, from maintenance to environmental impact to how well it does the job. 


This one’s pretty easy: Battery-powered equipment is easier to maintain.

No more gas engines to maintain, so no oil, air filters or spark plugs to change.

We don’t have to teach crews how to properly mix and handle fuel on this new equipment. There’s no engine oil, so there’s less chance of burning up an engine because you didn’t do the proper maintenance.

Battery-powered equipment has fewer moving parts, which means less chance of breaking down.

That means more quality time spent on our customers’ properties. 


professional landscape equipmentThis was a tricky question for a while. Battery-powered equipment hasn’t always offered the power or durability that gas-fueled equipment does.

There hasn’t been enough power to spin the cutting surfaces fast enough to cut well.

But the tech is finally catching up to the landscaping industry’s needs. 

Battery technology has improved vastly over the years. 

Battery-powered tools are lightweight, start instantly and are easy to operate, which allows crews to get their jobs done efficiently.

Finding skilled labor is challenging, so equipment that allows crews to get their work done quickly and efficiently is a bonus.


The cost for electric vs gas-powered landscaping equipment to us as a company is close, but it doesn’t affect our customers. 

We choose to pay slightly more for battery-powered equipment because it’s best for the environment, in keeping with our company motto: “Do the Right Thing.” 


One type of equipment isn't necessarily safer than the other. The blades and other cutting devices of battery-powered equipment move just as quickly as when powered by gas. 

One safety advantage of battery-powered tools: we don’t have to carry gasoline in our small vehicles.

Battery-powered equipment does weigh less. That means easier loading and unloading for crews wrestling equipment off trucks.

And some battery-powered equipment features external battery connections, shifting the battery weight from the unit to the user’s back or hip for optimal weight distribution and user comfort during long workdays.

All of these features reduce potential injuries on the job. 

Environmental Impact 

There’s no contest here.

Environmentally friendly battery-powered equipment adds no polluting emissions to the air like gas-powered tools do.

And they’re quiet, reducing annoying noise pollution. That’s a great feature for working early in the morning, on properties where noise is particularly disruptive or in communities with noise ordinances.

It’s a completely noiseless environment.

Here in DC we’re working right next to our customers’ offices or on their roofs. 

Gas-powered tools are loud and a nuisance, generating a lot of noise and exhaust. Reducing noise pollution is a huge issue in DC.

Battery vs Gas: How It Affects Our Customers 

Why should our customers care what equipment we use?

You benefit, too.

It means when we’re on your property, our crews are working with high-quality, dependable equipment, getting the job done with no delays.

Battery-powered equipment creates less noise on your property and adds fewer emissions to the environment around your property.

Join Level Green in the Best Choice for the Earth

professional landscaper maintaining shrubsWhen you consider battery vs gas-powered landscaping equipment, the choice for the earth is clear.  We’re proud to be able to advertise we have green crews. Our customers appreciate it, too. 

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