Following a landscape maintenance checklist will keep your property's looking its best.There’s just something about making a list. Checking off to dos can give you a sense of accomplishment, and they also help keep you on track.

But checklists aren’t just meant to keep you moving forward with your property management duties. They also come in handy for managing your property’s landscape maintenance.

Having an inclusive list will keep everyone on the same page and give you a landscape that will attract tenants (and keep owners happy).

From making sure the irrigation system is working properly to examining the health of turf and plants, there are several important tasks that need to be checked off your list.

The Complete Landscape Maintenance Checklist For Commercial Property Managers

Here are six things that should be included on your commercial property maintenance checklist.

Watch Where You Walk

The majority of your property is probably covered with grass: So, it better look lush and healthy. Having weekly maintenance is one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

Check for these things when examining turf:

  • Mowing pattern: Is there any rutting? Has the pattern been alternated?
  • Edging: Are the edges clean cut, and have the grass clippings been blown?
  • Health: Do you see signs of fertility, pest or disease issues on the turf?
  • Weeds: Are there weeds, and if so, what type?
  • Details: Has the property been properly cleaned up following the services?

Green, weed-free turf will really set your property apart. High-traffic areas should be maintained more frequently, while spaces with less foot traffic may need less work.

Some services that can give your turf that crisp look everyone wants is mowing, edging, blowing and trimming. Regular maintenance will also make your landscape more sustainable over time. And who doesn’t want that?

Aeration, seeding and adding compost will also help give you healthy, green turf. The soil may also need lime depending on its pH, so have your landscaper check that at least annually.

Brighten Up the Space

Commercial property with landscapes that pop with seasonal color catch every eye.

Have every eye on your commercial property with pops of plant color.

These are some of the top things to look at when it comes to maintain that color, so make sure they are on your checklist:

  • Deadhead: Do the plants need to be deadheaded to encourage blooming?
  • Weeds: Are there weeds surrounding your foliage?
  • Health: Do the plants look healthy, or are they wilting or looking discolored?
  • Moisture: Does the soil or mulch feel damp, or is it dried out?

There are several native and adaptive plant varieties perfect for the DC area that will add visual interest, while also requiring less water. Your commercial landscaper will be able to tell you which plants will and won’t work for your property.

Lively Features

Enhance your property’s landscape with ornamental plants, which will add some real visual interest to your site. There are several options, from ornamental grasses to plants that provide seasonal color.

To keep your ornamentals looking their best, these four things should be on your maintenance checklist:

  • Trimming: Do the plants look overgrown?
  • Weeds: Are there weeds surrounding the ornamentals?
  • Perennials: Do the perennials need to be deadheaded or trimmed?
  • Health: Are the plants brown or unhealthy?

Some popular places to install ornamentals are in planters near entryways, along walkways, around signage or in plant beds. Ornamentals come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, so there are sure to be ones that fit the style of your structures and landscape.

Stately Shade

Trees can add some much-desired shade and aesthetic value to any commercial property. Towering trees can add some much-desired shade, aesthetic value and green space to any commercial property. Proper maintenance can make sure you’re enjoying all of this natural feature’s benefits.

Keep trees healthy and looking their best by checking these off the maintenance list:

  • Prune: Are trees getting overgrown, or are they blocking signage?
  • Health: Is the tree in good health, or is it showing signs of distress or disease?
  • Stakes and Ties: Are the stakes and ties in good condition and in the correct location?

Tree limbs that rub and cross other branches, are below the main canopy or cover signage should be cut and removed as part of maintenance.

In addition to pruning, the trees need to be checked for pests and diseases that could lead to damage or even death. Look for things like discolored leaves, bark scale and obvious signs of insects.

If you have stakes or ties around your trees, these need to be removed after a year so they don’t girdle the trees.

It’s important to use a professional landscaper for your tree care services who has the required liability insurance, coverage and experience.

Smart Watering

An efficient, updated irrigation system can save you thousands of gallons of water each year. That translates into a much lower utility bill, which owners and tenants can appreciate.

The irrigation system will also help make your property more sustainableHere are two factors you should check to make sure your irrigation system is working properly:

  • Damage: Is something broken, or are repairs needed?
  • Soil Moisture: Does the system provide the right amount of water to all parts of the landscape? Are areas over saturated or dry?

Inspecting your irrigation system for damage can save you thousands that would be spent on leaking water or other wastage. A broken irrigation head or one that’s spraying the wrong area can be repaired and corrected before it becomes a bigger problem.

Another way you can be proactive with your irrigation maintenance services is by having them winterized before the first hard freeze. You don’t want to have frozen pipes once temperatures drop.

Look at the Big Picture

Your maintenance checklist also needs to include some general items that can affect the overall landscape:

  • Cracks: Are there cracks on any of the hardscaped surfaces, such as sidewalks or patios?
  • Trash: Are all of the landscaping materials and trash picked up?
  • Safety: Do any areas on the site pose a safety risk?
  • Drainage: Are all of the basins, grates, ditches or inlets draining correctly?

Keeping the site cleaned up will not only help it look better, but it can also reduce safety and health concerns. That includes picking up leftover landscaping materials, litter and anything that shouldn’t be there.

Also, make sure all of the individual areas work together, which can be addressed with landscape design as well as regular maintenance.

Find a Commercial Landscaper to Handle Your Property’s Maintenance Checklist

Level Green provides a full list of in-house landscape maintenance services for commercial properties.

Having a solid landscape maintenance checklist will make sure your property stays on track and nothing falls between the cracks. It will also show you exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Ask to see what all a landscaper will check during each of their maintenance visits before signing a contract with them. You’ll get a better idea about what they think is important when it comes to your services.

Our experienced commercial maintenance teams at Level Green Landscaping follow this checklist to ensure your property remains in pristine condition. It also allows us to take a proactive approach and catch any potential issues before they become bigger ones.

Check out some of our projects in our Gallery to get an idea of what your property could look like with our help.

We provide a full list of in-house maintenance services like mowing, trimming, blowing, pruning and edging. We will also create a comprehensive management plan for your landscape.

Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

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