Don’t panic, but if the first robin has shown up at your HOA, he’s trying to tell you something.

1. You need more worms.

2. It’s time for spring landscaping services.

Winter has a way of making things a mess, and that’s not the look you want for your impressive HOA property.

Curb appeal is crucial, both to keep current residents happy and to attract new residents.HOA entrance with nice landscaping

That ratty mulch, those messy beds, the lawns littered with debris — yuck. It’s not a good look.

Here’s your essential checklist for spring landscaping services for HOAs:

1. Spring Lawn Cleanup

Messy lawns make your whole HOA property look unsightly and neglected.

Spring HOA landscaping services rake any old leaves leftover from fall into the lawn and go over them with a mulching mower. That breaks them down into nutritious bits beneficial to your turf.

clean up employees crew truck
The ravages of winter snow, ice, and wind cause lots of smaller branches to crack and fall, littering your lawn with debris that needs to be cleaned up.

2. Fertilizing and Weed Control

Spring is time to give hungry plants and shrubs a good feeding, along with pre-emergent herbicide to ward off annual weeds.

This gets your lawn off to a good healthy start — it has a long season ahead to help make your HOA appealing.

March 1 is when Maryland allows lawn fertilizing to begin.

Our crews start applying fertilizer and pre-emergent weed killer, as well as post-emergent herbicide to attack any broadleaf weeds lurking in your lawn. This is the time for crabgrass prevention, too, a key part of spring landscaping services in DC, MD, and VA.

3. Pruning and Cut Back

Those beautiful perennials that make your HOA look great need some help in the spring to keep looking their best.

Spring is time for pruning and cutting back of perennials, perennial grasses, and any plants, like spirea, where flowers grow on new wood. It’s part of must-do spring landscaping services in DC, MD, and VA.Commercial landscaper pruning shrubs
This essential task allows proper air flow and sunlight for healthy plants.

A bit of structural tree pruning might be done now, too, to allow air and sun to penetrate the crowns of flowering trees.

4. Edging

Edging makes your plant beds look neat and tidy — a hallmark of spring landscaping services for community associations in DC.

Our landscaping crews create a 2.5 inch, 90-degree edge around all plant beds. They also clean up any leaf litter and debris from beds that could harbor diseases or insect eggs.

5. Spring Mulching

Everybody loves fresh mulch. If you’re having a bad day, then come home to find brand new beds of rich brown mulch, things are suddenly looking up.

Mulch is the finishing touch that makes an HOA’s spring landscaping really pop.Commercial landscaping crew mulching in spring
Crews use color-enhanced dark brown bark mulch. It holds its color much longer without fading. This quality mulch often still looks great by fall, so you may not need another delivery in the fall. (Every HOA board loves good budget news, right?)

6.  Spring Landscape Inspection

Winter is tough on landscaping. And HOA residents appreciate attention to detail.

That’s why your contract might not include property inspection, but we do.

Our crews look out for any problems on your HOA property and bring them to the property manager’s attention.Landscapers at HOA
They might not even be related to the landscaping, but we consider ourselves your eyes on the property.

A bent sign here, a hole there? We let your property manager know.

Why HOA Spring Landscaping Services Matter

Of course, HOA residents love the tidy, clean look spring landscaping services add to that all-important curb appeal.

But spring tasks are done for the health of your HOA landscaping, too.

Perennials need trimming so they’ll rejuvenate for spring. Ignore red twig dogwood and it will get woody and lose its signature red color.

Mulch keeps weeds down and conserves moisture for the hot summer months ahead.

Your turf can’t thrive if it’s clogged with soggy leaves and a blanket of fallen twigs.Aerial view of HOA landscape

Ready for HOA Spring Landscaping Services in DC? Trust Level Green

When we partner with an HOA, we know we don’t just have one customer — we have 150 or more.

We know you’re watching. That’s why we’re on top of your vital spring services to keep your HOA property looking tidy, neat, and healthy.

When that first robin shows up, you’ll be ready.

If you’re not already a Level Green Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

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