Your commercial property's signage is a public invitation — it invites customers, visitors, tenants and clients to stop in and stay awhile. It needs to make a great first impression.

The best way to boost your signage visibility is with great landscaping. Professionals know just how to use color, the perfect plants and a few other tricks to make your signage stand out.

Let's take a look at how landscaping around signage can boost the visibility of your property’s signs and make visitors want to see more.

The Lure Of Color

Color is a go-to strategy for signage landscaping. Color attracts attention, whether with annual flowers, colorful perennials or blooming shrubs.

But commercial landscaping needs to multi-task, offering more than just color. It also needs to be tough, and often drought tolerant. So when the pros choose plants for color, we’re looking for other qualities, too.

We often use nepeta around signage, which offers beautiful and fragrant deep lavender blooms all summer long, but is also low maintenance, attracts butterflies, tolerates drought and is deer resistant.

Variegated liriope ground cover adds bright yellow stripes to the landscape, but also offers year-round interest as an evergreen, blooms in the summer and is low maintenance.

It’s hard to beat the dazzling color display of crepe myrtle, which boasts stunning blooms all summer long. Bonus: some varieties have smooth gray outer bark that flakes away to reveal glossy cinnamon brown bark beneath. And these beauties aren’t bothered by pests and diseases.

Landscaping around signage to improve property's visibility

Consider All Four Seasons

Sure, bright red tulips and yellow daffodils look great in the spring, and purple and pink petunias pop in the summer, but you want your signage to stand out all year long.

That’s why it’s important to include plants that have impact in fall and winter, too. Evergreens, frilly ornamental grasses and shrubs with unique form offer winter interest.

Incorporate plants that show off brilliant fall color. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ boasts beautiful red fall foliage, but also blooms from June until frost, is very heat tolerant and offers pretty violet-blue flowers.

Dwarf Nandina ‘Gulf Stream’ is a hardy evergreen that offers year-round interest, bright red new growth and red foliage in the fall. 

Add Impact With Shrubs

Adding shrubs to each side of a sign makes the sign itself seem bigger, giving it more impact. Shrubs ground signage, giving it a sense of place.

A couple of our favorites: Boxwood ‘Winter Gem’ is a low-maintenance evergreen that offers year-round interest. And Dwarf Abelia is a drought-tolerant semi-evergreen that flowers in the spring.

Flowers and shrubs around commercial property signage

Don't Forget Lighting

Even if your sign has lighted lettering, don’t forget to light the landscaping around signage, too. Lighting plants adds drama and impact.

We take care to choose plants that won’t block existing lighting, or, if necessary, we move lighting so it isn't impaired by the larger plants we install.

The Drama Of Water

If it’s in the budget, water features are instant attention-grabbers. Everybody’s drawn to the soothing splash and gurgle of fountains and waterfalls. Maintenance is a factor, but a stunning water feature can be worth the trouble for the drama and excitement it adds to signage areas.

Keep It Tidy

Once you install your attention-getting signage landscaping, don't forget about it. Maintenance is as important as installation.

Mulch will help keep the weeds under control, retain moisture and create a neat look.

Professional maintenance will ensure your landscaping plants stay healthy, weed-free and don’t grow so tall they block your signage or the lighting fixtures that illuminate it. 

landscaping around commercial property signage

Trust Your Property’s Signage To Level Green

At Level Green Landscaping, we’re experts in commercial landscaping. That's what we do. We know how important it is to attract customers, visitors, tenants and clients, and your signage has to make a great first impression.

Our experts know all the best tips and tricks for landscaping around signage. Let us show you.

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