So, is your HOA known for something cool?

All the beautiful golden retrievers in the neighborhood? The fountain you can see from the highway? 

How about making it known for the spectacular non-stop flowers in your HOA landscaping? 

Imagine: when spring flowers fade, you get a bright new batch for summer. When those get tired, here comes a whole new truckload to brighten your fall!

Serious flower power for your HOA landscaping. Here’s what the bountiful blooms can look like: 

First, What Happens When? 

How often should this flower rotation happen? 

Three to four times a year, depending on your HOA landscaping budget.

seasonal flower plantings in landscape beds along sidewalk and through grass

Watch for new flowers in March, May, and September. Want more? Add a new batch in October to brighten through the holidays, or choose varieties that will stay perky right through spring.

Great Spots for Flowers in HOA Landscaping 

So, where should you put all these great flowers spring, summer, and fall? Start with these ideas: 


Flowers make your HOA entrances extra cheerful and welcoming. They make it feel like home. 


Bright color is a go-to strategy for signage landscaping. Color attracts attention.

seasonal flowers planted around sign

Common Areas

Common areas, from parks to pools, are a great spot for seasonal flowers. Plant beds of blooms near seating areas for up-close viewing. 

Spring Flowers for HOA Landscaping

Nothing says spring like flowers. They’re a bright, cheerful breath of fresh air after the often gray gloom of winter.

They’re instant curb appeal. They make people happy. Don’t skimp on happiness. 

What spring blooms are great for your HOA landscaping? Pansies and violas are spring standouts. 

shrubs and annual flowers around sign at HOA

Pansies love the warm sun of spring but are happy with cool nights, too. Known for their characteristic “faces,” consider them your HOA landscaping greeters.

Choose a hue: pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, white. Spread ‘em in beds, pop them in pots.

Or how about pretty and petite violas? Pick a cheerful color combination perfect for brightening up an entrance  — orange with hints of yellow and pink, or deep purple petals that look painted with strokes of lavender, yellow and white.

The Beauty of Bulbs for Your HOA Landscaping 

Nothing brightens up the early spring landscape like daffodils and tulips. 

Daffodils are deer resistant and there are lots of stunning varieties, from the cute miniature ‘Tete-a-Tete’ to the traditional yellow trumpet varieties like ‘Dutch Master.’

Tulips add stunning appeal to your HOA landscaping, especially when planted in big masses. 

colorful tulips in landscaping beds

Level Green Branch Manager James Kole loves ‘Purdy,’ a vibrant mix of red, yellow, and purple tulips.

Or try ‘Vitamin See,’ a cheerful mix of lemon yellow, pumpkin orange, and purple. 

Like a cheerful, but calmer mix? How about ‘Thanks and Praise,’ a yellow and white mix to wow in your HOA landscaping. 

Summer Flowers for HOA Landscaping 

Summer is when your HOA landscaping can really shine. 
Be adventurous and go beyond basic blooms to make your HOA community stand out

There are basic flowers like begonias, vinca, and petunias, but within those types there are lots of different varieties, and some are bigger, better, and more colorful. 

seasonal flowers planted in landscape beds

You get bigger, better flowers if you invest a little more. Some begonias will grow to 3 feet tall. For the best impact, the bigger and more colorful the better.

Fall Flowers for HOA Landscaping 

Your hard-working summer flowers don’t last forever. They’re on the job all season, adding vibrant color and just plain looking pretty.

By fall, they’re understandably tired. But the weather here in the DC area, Maryland and Virginia is mild enough right through November to enjoy the outdoors.

seasonal flowers planted for fall in containers at commercial property

Luckily, the second string is ready to duck in, from big bursts of dramatic mums to cool, ruffly cabbages and kale.

Or try cheerful panolas — a pretty cross between pansies and violas. They’re available in a rainbow of colors. 

HOA Landscaping: Take It Tropical

Tropical plants in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia?

You bet. These exotic beauties won't survive outside in the winter, but, treated as annuals, they add eye-catching drama to your HOA landscaping in a bunch of ways.

They’re dramatically different than the typical annuals people are used to seeing, so tropicals automatically attract attention.

Tropical plants add a lush, dramatic touch to annual beds. Use them anywhere you want high-impact color and interest — around your HOA signage, along walkways, at entrances, around the pool. 

tropical plantings in landscape beds for seasonal color

Tropicals look great with lantana, dragon wing begonia, creeping Jenny, coleus and sweet potato vine.

Start with palms for a beach vacation vibe. Add bananas with their huge, impressive leaves. Or say hey to hibiscus. This stunner boasts 6-inch flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, coral, pink, purple and white, with glossy, dark green leaves. 

Sure, everybody loves golden retrievers, but wow-worthy flower beds dressed up for each season will really make your HOA landscaping shine.

Need Fabulous Flowers for Your HOA Landscaping?Trust Level Green

Spectacular flowers, fresh for every season, are a must-have feature for stand-out HOA landscaping. 

Don’t let your flowers fade. 

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