Nothing says spring like flowers. They’re a bright, cheerful breath of fresh air after the often gray gloom of winter.

Colorful spring blooms are one of the best gifts a commercial property can give tenants, employees, visitors and shoppers. 

And it’s a gift that gives back. These bright, inviting hues of spring will lure clients and tenants to your property, eager for the cheer.

Seasonal flowers for commercial buildings are an instant curb appeal that make you stand out from your competitors and attract new tenants.

Here’s a look at the best spring flowers for commercial landscaping — and where to plant them.


Pansies love the warm sun of spring but are happy with cool nights, too. Known for their characteristic “faces,” they’re your garden greeters.

Pansy flowers

They’re available in a full palette of colors, including pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue and white. Pansies are equally happy in planting beds and containers. 


The bloom of the pretty viola is a bit more petite than its relative, the pansy, but they withstand the heat and cold better. Violas over winter well — so you get both fall and spring interest with this seasonal flower.

Viola flower

They thrive in full or part sun. They come in cheerful color combinations perfect for brightening up an entrance or holding court in a large scale planter — orange with hints of yellow and pink, or deep purple petals that look painted with strokes of lavender, yellow and white.


Nothing brightens up the early spring landscape like daffodils. They’re deer resistant, easy to grow and there are lots of varieties, from the the cute miniature ‘Tete-a-Tete’ to the traditional yellow trumpet varieties like ‘Dutch Master.’


Korean Spice Viburnum

This lovely spring shrub is one of the earliest viburnums to bloom, with white or pink-flushed flowers in domed clusters. You’ll smell its real appeal as soon as you inhale. Sniff — they smell like spice cake.

Korean Spice Viburnum

Plant this intoxicating shrub where your tenants, visitors or shoppers can really enjoy it — near your entrance, along a path or in a common area near seating.

It’s an easy to maintain height of 3 to 6 feet tall.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

The big bonus with coral bells is the fantastic foliage that rivals spring flowers with its interest and beauty. There are many varieties to choose from, with ruffled leaves in greens, purples, golds and corals.

Heuchera spring flower

Eastern Redbud

The Eastern Redbud is a perfect seasonal flower for commercial properties, adding a burst of color and beauty to any landscape. With its stunning bright rose-purple flowers, the Eastern Redbud is a showstopper that will catch the attention of clients, tenants, and visitors. As a native tree, the Eastern Redbud is well-suited for commercial landscapes, particularly as an understory dweller.

Eastern Redbud flowers

Flowering Dogwood

Another native, this dogwood boasts bright white blooms, or pink, depending on the variety. Dogwoods are also known for their attractive foliage and vibrant fall colors, adding beauty to landscape throughout the year. Overall, the flowering dogwood tree is a valuable addition to any commercial landscape, providing beauty, versatility, and ease of maintenance.

Flowering dogwood

Japanese Spirea

This beauty blooms from late spring to mid-summer. Popular varieties include ‘Little Princess’ and ‘Anthony Waterer.’ Or look for newer varieties with yellow foliage, including ‘Gold Mound,’ ‘Limemound,’ ‘Magic Carpet,’ and ‘Goldflame.’ This spirea is valued for being a tough plant — low maintenance and drought resistant with showy blooms.

japanese spirea

Don’t Forget Native Plants

Native plants like black-eyed Susans, coneflowers and perennial geraniums will last from spring right through Maryland’s hot, humid summers.

Bonus: They’re also friends to bees, butterflies and birds.

Where To Plant Spring Flowers on Commercial Properties

Now that you know the best spring flowers for commercial landscaping — where should you plant them?

Just about anywhere.


Seasonal flowers make an entrance extra cheerful and welcoming. Position beds or oversize planters near your doors for instant interest.


Bright spring color is a go-to strategy for signage landscaping. Color attracts attention, whether with annual flowers, colorful perennials or blooming shrubs.

flowers landscaping around a sign

Common Areas

Common areas, an increasingly popular feature for commercial properties, are a great spot for spring flowers.

Employees, tenants and shoppers love having a peaceful, beautiful outdoor common area where they can enjoy lunch, read a book, converse with co-workers or relax.

Plant beds of spring flowers and shrubs or large-scale planters of blooms near seating areas for up-close viewing. 


The beauty of oversize planters is they can change with the seasons. Celebrate spring with the first round of colorful spring flowers that will last into summer.

Place big pots of spring blooms near entrances and signage. Break up typically bare areas like walkways and plazas and attract the attention of passers-by with huge, impressive pots.

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Franciscan Monastery Tulips in Spring

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