People who work at Level Green Landscaping tend to stick around.

That’s good for us, good for them — and great for the property managers of the sites we service.


Level Green co-founder and managing partner Bill Hardy explains. 

We Really Know Your Property — And You

Level Green Landscaping employees plantingThe more time our crews spend on your property, the better they know all your site’s unique details and needs.

Our account managers and branch managers get to know property managers one on one, and that long-term relationship means better communication and understanding.

We know what time to call you, or if you prefer texts over emails. Chances are we’ll know your favorite kind of coffee, your golf score and what the grandkids are up to. Level Green is a growing company, Hardy says, so through new hiring and promotions, roles do change.

But there are multiple Level Green employees who work on each property. So if one changes, there’s still great continuity you’ll appreciate.

You Get Quality Work

Longtime employees do a thorough job on your property, because they’ve been there many times.

“They know the job,” Hardy says. “Where to start. Where to finish.”

And all the details in between.

Through our job mapping process, we figure out the most efficient way to maintain a property, from the time it takes crews to accomplish each task to how many crew members are needed to exactly how they flow through the property to get the job done right.

So when we do add a new person to your job site, they’re not starting from scratch.

And we use software that brings everybody on your job up to speed, instantly.

“Those little things about a job that the account managers or operations managers learn are documented and entered into the system,” Hardy says. “Those notes pop up automatically when you we log into a job.”

All this mean we’re amazingly efficient.

“If we’re efficient, we can hold our prices,” Hardy says. “That benefits the property manager, too.”

Safety First 

Level Green Landscaping employee trainingTraining here is a constant thing,” Hardy says. “So an employee who’s been with us a long time has had multiple trainings, over and over again.”

Crews and their managers tend to stay on the same jobs for as long as possible, Hardy says.

“They know what areas on your property are potentially hazardous,” he says, “from slopes to drainage issues. So they don’t have to reinvent the wheel to keep your property safe.”

The longer our employees work here, the safer they are, Hardy says. That mean property managers don’t have to worry about them constantly breaking windows with weed trimmers or damaging cars by improper mowing techniques that toss debris.

Longtime Loyalty

Longtime Level Green employees build up fierce loyalty to customers over time.

“And they’re loyal to each other,” Hardy says. “If you like who you work with, you do a better job.

“That definitely develops the longer you work with people,” he says. “There’s a sense of teamwork and family. Even as we grow and get bigger, with several branches and more employees, we’re still one company.”

Level Green Employees: Our Heart And Soul

Here at Level Green Landscaping, we know our employees are our biggest asset.

It’s no accident that they stick around. We take care of them, get to know them and treat them like family.

“You have to offer a competitive salary, opportunities for growth and a safe working environment, but it goes much beyond that,” Hardy says. “It’s the family atmosphere.” 

We cook and eat meals together, celebrate our successes together.

“Everybody’s on a first-name basis,” Hardy says. “If somebody calls me ‘Mr. Hardy,’ I look around and say, ‘Where’s my dad? I’m Bill.’

“A lot of them are friends outside work,” he says. “They work and play together.”

Level Green started 17 years ago with two guys: Hardy and his friend and co-founder Doug Delano.

Today they’re closing in on 300 employees.

“Our growth plan was always to always hire the best people — hopefully even better and smarter than we are,” Hardy says. “We’ve done that. We’re surrounded by great people.”

And they’re not afraid to invest money in those people, he says, so they want to stick around.

Training and education. A student loan repayment program. Company wide cookouts and celebrations. Breakfast or lunch out with the boss.

“Doug is really great at that,” Hardy says. “It’s a chance to sit down, and say, ‘How’s it going?’ To find out what’s happening in their life, not just at work.”

Level Green Employees Work For You

Level Green Landscaping crew workingSure, we employ them, but our longtime employees really work for you.

The knowledge, skills, safety habits and loyalty they build over time show up on your neat, beautiful, safe, expertly landscaped property.

If you’re not already a Level Green Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers.

Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

Contact us at 202-544-0968.

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