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Learn more about the types of commercial properties we partner with in Washington D.C., Northern VA, and Maryland

Not all commercial properties are alike. At Level Green, we've been fortunate to serve a variety of property types over the years. Here's how we address their unique challenges.

HOA community association landscaping

Community Associations

Property managers at HOAs, condos, and luxury apartments have a lot of people to please. Residents expect properties to be tidy and potential residents are attracted by amenities that are complemented by beautiful lawns and landscaping. 


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mixed use and retail shopping center landscaping

Mixed-Use & Retail

In the past two decades, commercial properties have been blended together to create mixed-use properties. Property managers understand these areas have unique challenges as they blend retail shopping centers, businesses, and housing. 


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municipality and government landscaping

Municipalities & Government

Public areas are managed by local, state, or federal entities. These spaces are used by thousands of people on a weekly basis and need to remain safe and enjoyable for visitors from around the world. 


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office commercial landscaping

Office & Misc. Commercial

Office complexes and other commercial properties host a variety of people including employees, visitors, tenants, and guests. These properties need to look their best for organizations to present a positive public image. 


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Howard University Hospital-thumb-1

Healthcare & Hospitals

Facility managers at healthcare properties understand that people don't exactly enjoy going to the hospital or seeing a medical provider. Creating safe and welcoming spaces can ease the worries of patients and guests, and provide a great working environment for healthcare heroes. 


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Commercial landscaping university walkway, sidewalk, trees, shrubs, perennials, bicycles

Educational Campuses

Facility directors at colleges and universities need to maintain large grounds and also provide attractive spaces to attract new students. Manicured lawns and colorful landscaping can help to accomplish these goals.


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LevelGreen Commercial gardens flowers annuals begonias statue sidewalk driveway lawn church 7

Religious Institutions

Places of worship often have busy staff or volunteers commissioned with keeping the grounds safe for parishioners and guests. Professional maintenance and enhancements can help create heavenly properties everyone can enjoy.


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factory or data center landscaping

Warehouses & Data Centers

These busy commercial properties are vast and include massive parking areas, loading docks, and stormwater management basins. Facility managers have full plates so they need safe, worry-free properties.


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