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Choosing a landscaping company to handle your commercial property’s needs is a bit like Goldilocks trying out porridge and chairs.

It should be big enough — but not too big. Maybe you want a company that’s local — but you also want it to handle all of your property’s needs.

Which one is just right?

Paul Wisniewski, division manager at Level Green Landscaping, answers some typical client questions about size — and sizing up a company.

How much does your landscaping company care about sustainability, and the footprint it makes on the earth?

Enough to use green practices not just for their clients, but at their own place of business?

Here at Level Green Landscaping, sustainability is a top priority. You can see it in all sorts of ways, from the cars we drive to the equipment we use to our recycling practices.

James Kole, Level Green branch manager, tells about the top green initiatives we use every day.

Planting a tree holds so much possibility.

Someday, you’ll pick apples. String it with holiday lights. Sprawl beneath its shade with a picnic and a good book.

But first, you have to plant it. And there's a bit more to the process than just digging a hole and sticking it in the ground.

We'll walk you through it — and tell you some common tree planting mistakes to avoid.

Shelley Russell loves a blank slate.

A shopping center with 30-year-old landscaping desperate for an update. An elementary school that needs a playground redo, and maybe a pollinator garden so kids can observe monarch butterflies.

Russell, a Level Green Landscaping designer, is an artist. And the ground is her canvas.

Russell gives us a peek into her bag of landscape design tricks.

There’s more to planning a snow and ice management attack than looking out the window.

Although, that’s part of it.

“All that weather out there is different,” says Level Green Landscaping account manager Jonathan Friend, “and it comes at us in different ways.

“We might get rain that turns to ice. Two inches of snow might fall, but the first inch doesn’t stick. And two years ago, we got a storm that dropped 30 inches of snow.”

That’s why Level Green’s snow management plan isn’t one size fits all. If you’re a property manager, it helps to keep that in mind.

Friend walks us through the different snow event types and how crews attack them.

Small rocks can be annoying. They’re in the way when you plant tulips, they get caught in your lawnmower and your dog keeps burying and unearthing the same pesky stone in your lawn.

But big rocks — really big rocks —make a statement in the landscape unlike anything else.

How to use large rocks in landscaping? Paul Weaver, construction branch manager at Level Green Landscaping, has great ideas.

He even knows about the intriguing place where most of these massive beauties originate.

He’s spilling all his secrets.

Everybody loves trees. They’re majestic, they give us shade, and some offer spectacular color in the fall and a profusion of beautiful blooms in the spring.

But sometimes, a tree’s health has suffered so much that it becomes a danger.

A tree on your property with significant decay or unstable branches is a hazard to your property and the people who visit it.

How to identify a dangerous tree? And, once you spot one, what should you do about it?

James Kole, branch manager at Level Green Landscaping, offers some tips.

Step back and take a hard look at your commercial property.

Would you want to shop, live, work or visit there?

In this booming commercial real estate market, there are plenty of sparkling new properties with lots of curb appeal.

It might be time to spruce your place up with some landscape enhancements.

But are they tax deductible?

Is landscaping considered a capital improvement?

David Keffer, branch manager at Level Green Landscaping, walks us through it.

When the snow starts to pile up on your commercial property, you need it out of the way.

When an ice storm looms, you need your parking lot, driveways and walkways free of treacherous ice.

Sounds pretty basic.

But when it comes to your property’s snow and ice management services, you want to make sure your contract covers all your winter needs.

The goal: to protect everyone who spends time on your commercial property, and minimize your organization’s chance of being exposed to snow and ice-related hazards such as slips, falls, traffic accidents, and property damage.

So, what are the must-have services to include in your contract?

As more and more shoppers hit the couch, not the road, to shop, retailers have to be more dazzling than ever.

Why should shoppers put on real pants and venture out to your store?

Landscaping can help. The right landscape enhancements make your retail site more beautiful, welcoming and comfortable.

More shoppable.

"With shopping centers, landscaping is not the first thing you think of, but it is the first thing you see," says Brad Sarno, operations manager at Level Green Landscape. "It can set your mood and affect your feelings when you visit.”

Sarno shares some shopping center landscape enhancements sure to lure shoppers away from their laptops and to your store.