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Winter’s wrath might seem months away, but it’s time to think about brining now.

Here at Level Green Landscaping, we’re already planning our winter weather attack.

Are you?

Will your parking lots, walkways and entrances be slick danger zones, or clear, safe passages for your customers, tenants and employees?

Brining can make the difference.

What exactly is brining? How does it work? Why do you need it?

Sometimes, nature tries to take over.

Invasive plants are an increasing problem in Maryland and Virginia, taking over forests of native trees and plants and slowly killing them.

What are these invasive plants? How do you stop them?

Brad Butler, corporate manager at Level Green Landscaping, talks about the problem — and the painstaking, important solution.

There’s a reason brick buildings are everywhere.

They work.

Brick walls help adjust a building's temperature, storing heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

They don’t require the maintenance of a wood-clad building, and brick buildings have great re-sale value.

But what are the best landscape design ideas for brick? Level Green Landscape designer Shelley Russell has a few tips.

The dreaded spotted lanternfly hasn’t hit Maryland yet, but it’s likely only a matter of time.

Why should you care?

This guy is bad news.

Sure, it looks pretty enough, with its attractive speckled vibrant wings.

But once this destructive insect arrives, it’ll start devouring crops, from orchards and vineyards full of fruit to valuable hardwood trees. Spotted lanternfly damage will be extensive, if the destruction in Pennsylvania is any indication.

Even the professionals need a jolt of design inspiration once in a while.

When Shelley Russell, landscape designer at Level Green Landscaping, needs design inspiration, she heads to one of her favorite area botanical gardens or arboretums.

“It’s always good to get out and see how plants are actually growing, get ideas for new plants and discover different plant combinations,” Russell says.

“If a client wants a magnolia, I can think back to which ones I loved at the national arboretum.”