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Creating a garden on your roof that saves energy, minimizes stormwater runoff, helps cool the city and offers a bit of green calm must be complicated.

Paul Weaver has good news for you.

“It’s a very simple process,” says Weaver, construction branch manager at Level Green Landscaping. “We can install a green roof for just about anybody.”

Level Green was recently certified as an installer by LiveRoof, a leading manufacturer of green roof systems.

That means Level Green crews were trained by a specialist at LiveRoof, learning how to install the product according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Hopefully, we’ve already convinced you of the beauty and benefits of mulch. If not, don’t worry. We’ll give it another go in a bit.

Meanwhile, what’s the next best thing to a fresh carpet of rich brown mulch?

A monster of a machine that will spread it with powerful ease, in half the time of a crew working by hand.

Meet our mulch blowers. (You might want to stand back a little further.)

How does a mulch blower work? Why should you care? Level Green Landscaping operations manager Bradley Sarno fills us in.

If you work on a landscaping crew with Juan Olivar, certain things always happen.

You wear your safety glasses and earplugs.

You have a flat shovel handy to keep your line trimmer from flinging dangerous rocks.

And, as he likes to say, "You leave work in the afternoon the same way you came here in the morning.”

In one piece.

Olivar, operations manager at Level Green Landscaping, won the company's 2017 safety award for keeping both people and property safe on his watch.

He talks about the comprehensive training Level Green crews receive to ensure safety on the job —and why it's important to property managers, too.

What do a university, a hospital, a homeowners association and a retail center have in common?

They all need great landscaping.

And they all come to Level Green Landscaping to get it.

Everybody gets the same skilled attention to detail, from mowing to spring cleanup to installing impressive enhancements.

“But each type of property is unique, in its own way, and has its own needs,” says Paul Wisniewski, Division Manager at Level Green Landscaping.

Here’s a look at the diverse markets Level Green serves, with insight from Wisniewski about the challenges of meeting each one's unique needs.

Watch our video case studies for a more detailed look at how we keep all these clients happy, and their properties inspiring envy.

David Keffer has already spied his first spring robin and the first cheerful crocus bloom poking up from the soil.

That means things are about to get real busy.

It’s spring cleanup time.

Does your commercial landscape maintenance contract include the spring cleanup services your property needs?

Hint: It needs a lot.

Spring cleanup and mulch often make up 30 percent of the cost of a commercial landscape maintenance contract, says Keffer, a branch manager at Level Green Landscaping.

“It’s a big part of the services we provide,” he says.

If you’re like most commercial property managers, you can’t wait.

“Our customers realize the importance of curb appeal,” Keffer says. “They’re trying to lease properties. They’re always anxious to get spring cleanup done.”

What should your contract include?

Pruning isn’t just for plants. It’s for property managers, too.

No, our crews won’t stop over to give your hair a trim. But the pruning they do this time of year — called dormant pruning — has benefits for your business, as well as for the trees.

Pruning keeps your trees and shrubs healthy. And a healthy landscape saves you money, time and hassle.

Let’s sharpen the shears and take a closer look at several dormant pruning benefits.

Have you ever had a relationship that was so easy it took no real effort?

We didn't think so.

But it’s possible to have a great landscaper/client relationship. We see it every day here at Level Green Landscaping.

There are some tips to making it work.

“A lot goes into a whole year of landscaping,” says Jonathan Friend, Level Green Landscaping account manager. “You really need to be proactive.”

Friend shares a few key elements of a healthy landscaper/client relationship.

If it’s related to your green and growing property, Level Green Landscaping can take care of it.

But, let’s face it, we’re not Superman.


While we handle most landscaping services in-house with our own skilled crews, we’re not experts in everything. Sometimes, we need a bit of help.

That’s where subcontractors come in. When customers need a landscaping-related service we don’t offer in-house, we hire an expert company in that field to tackle the job.

Level Green Landscaping account manager Joey Schneider tells about the process — and why subcontractors are a good thing.

Choosing a landscaping company to handle your commercial property’s needs is a bit like Goldilocks trying out porridge and chairs.

It should be big enough — but not too big. Maybe you want a company that’s local — but you also want it to handle all of your property’s needs.

Which one is just right?

Paul Wisniewski, division manager at Level Green Landscaping, answers some typical client questions about size — and sizing up a company.

How much does your landscaping company care about sustainability, and the footprint it makes on the earth?

Enough to use green practices not just for their clients, but at their own place of business?

Here at Level Green Landscaping, sustainability is a top priority. You can see it in all sorts of ways, from the cars we drive to the equipment we use to our recycling practices.

James Kole, Level Green branch manager, tells about the top green initiatives we use every day.