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Dazzling customers, residents, and tenants with twinkling holiday lights is a feel-good part of the holiday season.

But while they smile at the sparkle, property managers know there’s hard work behind it, from timing of installation and take down to budgeting.

What’s most important to commercial property managers when it comes to holiday decorating?

We asked them. Area property managers took our quick survey about outdoor holiday decorating.

Understanding all the snow and ice melting products out there can get kind of slippery.

Rock salt. Brine. And what the heck is “engineered ice melt?”

How much do property managers know about the products used on their sites to melt snow and ice?

We asked them. Area property managers took our quick survey about brine, rock salt, and engineered ice melt. Which is most expensive? Most effective? Safest for the environment?

Here are the survey results, along with some facts about these important materials that keep your property safe.

Armies of hungry, destructive pests are invading counties throughout Maryland and Virginia, leaving once-green and healthy lawns bare and brown. 

It can happen practically overnight.

The villain is the fall armyworm, and experts say this year the extensive damage is the worst they’ve seen.

What to watch for? What to do about it? Let’s take a look.

If you think communicating about the need to communicate is overkill, you’re wrong.

There’s no such thing as too much communication, especially when it comes to landscaping companies and HOAs.

HOA landscape maintenance involves a unique set of challenges, from multiple homeowners’ high expectations to communication to timing.

How do HOA property managers feel about the need for communication with their landscaping company?

We asked them.