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Landscaping is a lot of work. You’ve probably realized that if your city, township, or county tackles these outdoor tasks on your own — along with all the other hard work it takes to run a municipality. 

Need a hand?

Hire expert landscaping services for municipalities, and say goodbye to your landscaping stress.

Here’s why you should take the plunge: 

Here at Level Green, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our recent move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

We know our customers appreciate our earth-friendly stance as we balance it with their desire for excellent landscaping.

That balance has come to the forefront lately as Montgomery County, Md. recently enacted controversial new legislation covering pesticide use.

Check your calendar. If you’re free on Saturday, April 18, Valerie Irons would love a hand for an hour or two cleaning up one of many Potomac Watershed sites all over the Metro DC area.

Irons, a business development manager at Level Green Landscaping, is co-chair of a Potomac Watershed Clean-Up Day Committee of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations Institute (“CAI.”)

Choosing a landscaping company for your HOA or condo association might not be your favorite thing.

We understand. It’s a big decision, and you have a lot of choices. 

How do you know if a company will meet your needs, communicate well, follow landscaping guidelines for HOAs, and look out for your best interests?

Ashley Owens, business development manager at Level Green Landscaping, knows landscaping responsibilities for HOAs can be daunting.

How to choose the best company? 

Have you noticed the weather has been a lot crazier around here lately?

Apparently, it’s going to get worse.

That means keep an eye on your landscaping needs, say two University of Maryland professors and experts on landscaping and climate change.

Level Green Landscaping recently hosted a networking and educational event held by the Landscape Contractors Association of MD, VA, and DC.

Long, low buildings. Expansive parking lots. Busy loading docks. 

Large industrial sites and big warehouses have their own unique set of landscaping needs.

“They usually want their landscaping to be low maintenance, tough, drought tolerant and to look nice,” says Shelley Russell, landscape designer at Level Green Landscaping. “That’s pretty much everything.”

Luckily, she’s up for the challenge.

Landscaping for factories? Landscaping for warehouses?

Russell shares her best tips.

We’re all so used to worrying about falling snow, it's easy to forget about melting snow.

Melting snow is good, right? It means all that slippery, slushy white stuff is going away.

But where is it going? And can it get there? And what is it doing along the way? 

Interesting questions.

Lucky for you, we have answers.

The team at Level Green Landscaping volunteers a lot throughout the year, cleaning up school gardens with students and teaching the community to get their hands in the soil.

Their latest volunteer project is a departure, putting their hardscape skills to work to help install a compelling bronze statue at the renowned Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in downtown Washington DC.

College is stressful. Exams. Projects. Financial aid worries. 

Students need beautiful, green, relaxing spaces to unwind.

But university landscaping also has to impress.

When prospective college students show up on campus for a tour, discriminating parents in tow, “You need top of the line landscaping to compete,” says Shelley Russell, landscape designer at Level Green Landscaping. 

“These days, colleges are marketing as much to parents as they are to students,” adds Corey Rill, the Level Green account manager responsible for client the University of the District of Columbia.

How to make your university landscaping impress, and be a great place for students to grow and learn?