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Imagine you’re pulling up in front of the hotel where you’re about to stay for a few days. It could be any high-end hotel, but let’s just say for fun that it’s yours. 

You park the car, unload your suitcase, and grab your party size bag of cheese puffs (no judging here— you’re on vacation!)

Look around. What do you notice? Could your landscaping’s important first impression use a boost?

Nothing says spring like flowers. They’re a bright, cheerful breath of fresh air after the often gray gloom of winter.

Colorful spring blooms are one of the best gifts a commercial property can give tenants, employees, visitors and shoppers. 

And it’s a gift that gives back. These bright, inviting hues of spring will lure clients and tenants to your property, eager for the cheer.

Seasonal flowers for commercial buildings are an instant curb appeal that make you stand out from your competitors and attract new tenants.

Here’s a look at the best spring flowers for commercial landscaping — and where to plant them.

Your urban concrete and glass building sure could use a leafy garden oasis.

Trouble is, there’s nowhere to go — but up. Imagine a trendy, inviting, peaceful escape from the bustle of the big city.

Time to hit the roof.

Marion Delano, Director of Technology & Marketing at Level Green Landscaping, says rooftop gardens are the big new escape.

What makes a great rooftop planter design? Why do you need one? What should you grow?

Here are some great rooftop planter ideas.