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If you manage a municipality, you know all kinds of landscaping needs pop up.

Hundreds of acres of finicky grass that needs mowing three times a week. Historic buildings that need landscaping that looks like it did in 1906. Environmental disasters. So. Many. Pavers. 

Native plants are more popular than ever, for lots of reasons.

They’re hardy and less susceptible to pests and diseases. Once they’re established, native plants typically need less water than non-natives.

And a host of wild critters will thank you. They love native plants — they offer a free buffet of berries, nuts and seeds. Some native blooms provide nectar for hummingbirds and insects.

Why plant native? Lots of reasons. Here are some of the best native plants for Washington D.C., along with why they are important.

Don’t let your property go dormant as cooler temperatures make their way to Washington DC this fall. Instead, bring some lively color to your commercial landscape with bright container plants.

Some plants hit their stride during the fall months, helping to extend your site’s color. Plus, the container itself can add some visual interest to your property with a variety of colors, sizes and designs to choose from. They are especially useful for sites that don’t have much green space.

Keep your landscape in season by installing some of these 26 container plants for fall color in Washington DC.