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It’s no secret gas-powered leaf blowers make a lot of noise. 

“I think we’ve all had the experience of walking past somebody using a gas blower on full throttle,” says Dan Dyson, branch manager of the Burtonsville branch of Level Green Landscaping.  

“You can’t hear anything except the blower. Put a couple of them together and it’s deafening noise.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

“Last week I was on a job where the edgers, the weed eaters and the blowers were all electric,” Dyson says. “You barely knew we were there. You could actually have a conversation.”

Expect more of that quiet in Montgomery County next summer when a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers goes into effect. 

Here at Level Green Landscaping, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

Do property managers, homeowners, and tenants care?

Lonnie Bush, founder of Lonnie Bush Property Management in Virginia Beach, weighs in on the benefits of partnering with an environmentally friendly landscaping company.

JT Hipp is a certified pesticide applicator, which means he’s trained to safely kill insects.

But he loves bees. 

“Bees are one of the best things for landscaping,” says Hipp, an operations manager at Level Green Landscaping. 

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the plight of the little guys. 

Climate change, pesticides, and destruction of habitat by development are a few of the factors threatening the bee population. 

They can use our help. It’s only fair, after all they do for our landscaping.

How are native bees beneficial?

Here’s the buzz.

You might be letting your commercial landscape enhancements off too easy. Make them multi-task.

How about great landscaping services that benefit the environment and your budget?

Commercial property owners and managers are eager for landscaping solutions that do both, says Level Green division manager Paul Wisniewski.

Businesses are especially cost conscious these days, he says.

“We can suggest ways to help them save money in the long run,” Wisniewski says. 

You might be surprised by how many commercial landscape enhancements also help the earth.

Here at Level Green, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our recent move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

We know our customers appreciate our earth-friendly stance as we balance it with their desire for excellent landscaping.

That balance has come to the forefront lately as Montgomery County, Md. recently enacted controversial new legislation covering pesticide use.