Here at Level Green Landscaping, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

Do property managers, homeowners, and tenants care?

Lonnie Bush, founder of Lonnie Bush Property Management in Virginia Beach, weighs in on the benefits of partnering with an environmentally friendly landscaping company.

But first, what do environmentally friendly landscaping companies like Level Green do differently?

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Companies Recycle Green Waste

Here at Level Green, we recycle all of our green waste. Shrub clippings, limbs pruned from trees, perennial cuttings are all hauled away, where a company turns the green material into compost. We buy the compost back, and use it to enrich planting beds.

They Create Environmentally Friendly Landscaping for Clients

Environmentally friendly landscaping companies use a host of techniques to help customers stay green:

  • Native and drough-tolerant plants use less water and are more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Rain gardens encourage stormwater to soak slowly into the ground — not rush into the nearest storm drain. Their soil filters oil, grease, and other pollutants before slowly releasing the cleaner water into the water table.
  • Permeable pavers reduce the overall run-off of storm water on your property, keeping pollutants from entering the water system.
  • Converting annual beds to perennials uses less water.
  • Adding wildflower and meadow gardens instead of turf reduces mowing and the use of fertilizer and weed control products. And pollinators love them.
Native redbud

Their Trucks Use Diesel Fuel

This means they use less fuel in the long run. If they also have small engines, that means better gas mileage and fewer emissions released into the air.

They Use Battery-Operated Equipment

Level Green has been moving from gas-fueled to battery-powered mowers, blowers, weed-eaters and shears, reducing gas emissions and noise pollution.sustainable landscaping equipment

Their Lawn Mowers Are Green

Environmentally friendly landscaping companies use lawn mowers that are fuel injected to increase fuel efficiency. And they’re equipped with electronic ignitions, which means fewer polluting emissions enter the atmosphere.

They Mow Higher

All Level Green lawn mowers are set to a standard height of 3.5 to 4 inches. That’s slightly taller than the typical height, and the taller grass has several benefits.

It provides more shade, which means weeds can’t thrive. That means a reduced need for herbicides.

Taller grass also promotes a deeper root system, reducing watering needs during hot summer months.Mowing crew mowing higher gas

Mulch Kits Feed the Earth

Our mowers have mulch kits attached to them, which means the grass clippings are returned back into the soil to act as a natural fertilizer.

Why Property Managers Care

All of these green practices matter to property managers and the tenants and homeowners they work with, says Lonnie Bush, founder of Lonnie Bush Property Management, a Virginia Beach firm that manages properties in Hampton Roads, Coastal Virginia and surrounding areas.

Here’s what matters to them, and why they prefer working with environmentally friendly landscaping companies:

Watering Practices

Using landscaping that saves water matters to tenants and homeowners in two significant ways, Bush says — lower water bills and less work needed to maintain landscaping.

Chemical Usage

While tenants and homeowners are concerned about how lawn chemicals impact groundwater and pollinators, they’re concerned about human health, too, Bush says.

“With rates of respiratory illnesses and allergies at an all-time high, tenants want a home that is relatively free of toxins,” he says. “Being able to give prospective renters the assurance that a home is safe to live in because the property manager uses integrated pest management — which excludes harmful substances from the landscaping — is an important way to market a rental property.”

Plant Selection

Environmentally friendly landscaping is typically more diverse and a lot more interesting, Bush says.

An outdoor area that resembles a natural meadow, rather than just lawn, is appealing to people who want to spend more time in nature, he says.

“This will improve the value of the rental property.”


Gasoline-powered lawn equipment releases significant emissions into the air. It also interferes with outdoor safe zones where children play, Bush says.

“Renters who care about the environment are usually more conscientious than others,” Bush says. “They research a property manager’s claims about their environmental practices. Property managers who only work with lawn maintenance companies that use safe lawn equipment show that they are walking their talk.”Gasoline powered lawn equipment and vehicles

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping

Many consumers make their buying decisions based on environmental impact, Bush says.

These buyers are often more educated and have higher incomes, he says.

“Property management companies that jump on the bandwagon stand to gain a lot,” he says. “By incorporating environmental landscaping as one of their key strategies, property managers will be seen as being at the forefront of the fight to help tenants create safer homes for their families.”

Make Sustainability A Priority With Level Green

We know our customers appreciate our earth-friendly stance as we balance it with their desire for excellent landscaping.

When you look for an environmentally friendly landscaping company for your Washington DC property, ask them about their top green initiatives.

Do they focus on sustainable landscaping solutions — and use green practices at their own offices?

We provide commercial property maintenance for properties throughout Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia. Level Green Landscaping services commercial properties like office buildings, homeowner associations (HOAs), mixed use, condominiums, retail, institutions and government entities.

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