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There’s a lot to love about the changing seasons here in the Mid-Atlantic — plump porch pumpkins in fall, the first grilled burgers of summer, the thrill of remembering where you put your snow brush as the first flakes fly.

Your commercial property landscaping marks the changing seasons, too, from spring daffodils to falling leaves to smart dormant pruning in winter. 

Seasonal landscape maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your commercial property landscaping healthy, thriving, tidy and impressive.

If you manage a municipality, you know all kinds of landscaping needs pop up.

Hundreds of acres of finicky grass that needs mowing three times a week. Historic buildings that need landscaping that looks like it did in 1906. Environmental disasters. So. Many. Pavers. 

Lots of great relationships involve hand-holding — it’s a key part of sunset strolls on the beach, right?

But when it comes to your relationship with your commercial landscaping company, you don’t have time for hand-holding. You need them to take the lead, get the job done, and make both you and your landscaping look good.

If you’re happily looking around at your commercial property’s newly planted trees and shrubs, and it looks perfect, somebody messed up.

It shouldn’t look perfect yet Trees and shrubs grow — and grow — and allowing space for that growth over the coming years is part of great commercial landscaping planning — and planting. Proper plant placement is crucial for landscaping success.

Some mixed-use developments are so inviting, with vibrant restaurants, upscale shopping, flickering fire pits, and a packed calendar of fun festivities, you just want to live there.

Oh wait, you can.

That’s the beauty of a mixed-use community — live there, work there, shop, dine, gather, and have fun.

The landscaping at these bustling hot spots has to look great all the time, and there’s little slow time for landscape maintenance.