Lots of great relationships involve hand-holding — it’s a key part of sunset strolls on the beach, right?

But when it comes to your relationship with your commercial landscaping company, you don’t have time for hand-holding. You need them to take the lead, get the job done, and make both you and your landscaping look good.

So, what are the keys to a healthy, successful relationship between property management companies and their landscapers?

A few stand out:

1. Great Communication

Property managers want to know all the right things are happening out on their property without having to ask, remind, or nag about it.

That means proactive communication.

One key way Level Green reaches out: digital property service reports that detail exactly what services were performed on your property.

property manager meets with landscape leader

Were flower beds weeded? Trees pruned? Mulch delivered? Irrigation checked?

There’s no mystery — it’s all outlined for property managers, in a snap. It might include a photo, too. Crews might point out a hole they discovered that should be filled in so nobody twists their ankle.

These instant updates, along with timely check-ins from your account manager, keep communication flowing.

2. Don’t Just Talk Business

Sure, this is a business relationship, but it’s also a friendly relationship.

Level Green account managers love trading stories about their kids or grandkids. They’re happy to chat about last weekend’s golf game, next month’s vacation, or how the Washington Nationals are doing.

Yes, they’re there with a comprehensive checklist to make sure the lawn is healthy, the flower beds are free of weeds, and no dying tree branches are ready to tumble.

But they might hand you a coffee first and ask how your kid’s soccer game went Saturday.

3. Be Honest

Part of great communication is honesty, and that goes both ways.

landscape team meets with property manager

If you ask for a certain service or amenity and your account manager thinks you really don’t need it, they’ll tell you why — and how your money would be better spent elsewhere.

If landscaping crews did something you’re not crazy about, speaking up about it right away will help us make it right. (Our motto is “Do the Right Thing” for a reason.)

4. Fit in Some Face Time

Life is busy. Daily lists are longer than the Friday lunch lines at Chick-fil-A.

It’s tempting to just text and email your way through the property manager-landscaping company relationship.

But meeting in person once in a while is important.

Walking your property together is a great opportunity to point out not just the big issues, but the small pet peeves and wish lists that can help us create a commercial landscaping plan that will make your job easier and your property stand out from the competition.

Plus, you need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine once in a while. You’ve been looking a bit pale.

5. Be Open About Budget Needs

Property management companies are trying to do more with less money these days. Everything costs more than it used to.

Wrangling landscaping budgets can be stressful.

Be upfront about your budget needs. And your landscaping account manager should be honest about what they can realistically provide for the money you have to spend, without overpromising.

home owner association with trees and shrubs

Level Green account managers prepare an annual landscaping budget for commercial customers. It saves you a lot of work. You pick and choose the services you need.

We get budget worksheets out in July, before the busy budget season.

If you’re up front about your budget needs, your account manager can help prioritize what’s important to you.

6. Flexibility

Property managers often have last-minute needs, from sudden visits from the corporate office to pop-up outdoor events. Sometimes a last-minute budget is approved for a project a property management company needs right away.

Landscaping companies sometimes have to switch gears at the last minute, too. Maybe heavy rains and soggy ground have to scoot your mowing day to later in the week.

When both property managers and landscaping companies are willing to be flexible, it saves a lot of stress, and helps build a healthy relationship.

7. Trust

There’s no magic potion for this. Trust happens gradually, over time, as the weeks and months pass and you realize your landscaping company has been open and honest, hasn't let you down, has shared great ideas to help your property shine, and consistently makes you look good.

Trust Your Commercial Landscaping to Level Green

It’s a great feeling when somebody stops by, calls or texts you, and you actually look forward to the chat, right?

That’s the goal.

You want a commercial landscaping company that keeps you informed, makes your property — and you — look great, and makes things easy.

Intrigued? Find out more. Let’s meet.

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