Rockville and Columbia, Maryland, two areas west and north of Washington, D.C., are home to the kinds of commercial properties that depend on the highest quality snow removal service.

best commercial snow removal companies in rockville and columbiaNursing homes. Hospitals. Rehabilitation facilities. Colleges and universities.

Managers of these commercial properties know snow and ice events can take a dangerous toll. Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common injuries and liability issues on commercial sites.

It’s crucial to find a trusted company that can meet all of your winter needs and keep your property safe.

Let’s take a look at the best commercial snow removal contractors for Rockville and Columbia.


In 2014, the Brickman Group and ValleyCrest Landscape Companies

brought together 140 years of experience to form Brightview.

Brightview offers 24/7 storm monitoring, trained and certified professionals and customized snow management plans.

Bella Landscaping & Snow Removal

Founded by CEO Joseph A. Fischetti in 2003, Bella provides year round property maintenance, including snow removal, landscape design, leaf removal, stone exteriors, masonry work, paving and water drainage.

Ruppert Landscaping

Headquartered in Laytonsville, Maryland, Ruppert Landscape is known for its cutting-edge management practices and has won top business management and industry craftsmanship awards. Many members of the management team have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Level Green Landscaping

Level Green Landscaping has been caring for important commercial properties in and around the D.C. area since 2002, and commercial snow removal is one of our specialties.

We have a branch office in Ashton, with an on-site account manager, which means we’re close by and ready to meet our Rockville and Columbia customers’ immediate needs.


Our clients in the Rockville and Columbia areas range from large office complexes to senior living communities and rehabilitation centers to a university. They trust us to keep their properties safe during winter’s most blustery conditions.

Prepared, Equipped, Insured, Trusted

At Level Green, we’re ready long before the snow starts to fall. Our goal is to protect everyone who spends time on your commercial property, and minimize your organization’s chance of being exposed to snow and ice-related hazards such as slips, falls, traffic accidents, and property damage.

All of our equipment operators undergo continuous safety training, and we have full-coverage insurance that includes our snow removal services.

Our services include hand labor for clearing walkways and stairs, snow plowing, excessive snow removal, snow blowing, preventive surface treatments, de-icer and salt applications.

equipment being checked by Level Green Landscaping employees

We inspect our equipment before it heads to your job site and keep all of our machines in great condition.

What To Look For When Hiring A Snow Removal Contractor

Hiring a snow removal company for your Rockville or Columbia property? Be sure your property is in the right hands. Keep these five tips in mind:

Ask About Their Turnaround Time After A Storm

How quickly will the company be on your site after it snows? They should guarantee a response time, which normally ranges from one to three hours.

Check Their List Of Services

Ask the company to break down exactly what they will — and won’t — do. Do they clear parking lots, sidewalks and entrances of snow and ice? Spray de-icers? What type of preventative snow and ice measures do they take?

Will they haul and remove all of the snow from the property? If not, where does it go?

Know exactly what you’ll be getting before signing a contract.

Verify They Have The Required Insurance

Your snow removal company crews should have safety training, but accidents happen. Be sure they’re covered by insurance.

They should provide you with their proof of insurance, which should include liability coverage and workers’ compensation.

Make Sure They Track Equipment And Employees

If someone is injured and says they slipped on the ice on your property, can you prove you had a snow and ice removal company clear your lot and walkways?

If your snow removal contractor uses GPS tracking, they have proof of exactly when and were they were on your property.

Ask About Their Snow Removal Equipment

The best snow removal crews are only as good as their equipment. If a snow removal company’s equipment is out of commission, they won’t do you much good.

Make sure your contractor uses quality, commercial-grade machines and attachments to clear your property. The company should also perform daily inspections on the equipment to ensure it’s working properly. In case of an issue, they should have back-up machines so you’re not left in the lurch.

Trust Level Green With Your Rockville Or Columbia Snow Removal

We’d love to add your commercial property to our growing list of Rockville and Columbia clients.

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