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We’re all so used to worrying about falling snow, it's easy to forget about melting snow.

Melting snow is good, right? It means all that slippery, slushy white stuff is going away.

But where is it going? And can it get there? And what is it doing along the way? 

Interesting questions.

Lucky for you, we have answers.

You wouldn’t think a snowfall less than two inches would be a very big deal. 

So why does it keep Level Green Landscaping managers up all night, our crews on alert and everybody’s eagle eyes on multiple weather forecasts?


It’s no mystery to our snow manager, Greg Stacho.

He walks us through an hour by hour look at what happens behind the scenes to prepare for a snowfall of less than two inches — when most people are still deep in slumber.

Preparing your commercial property for winter?

If you want to prevent property damage from this winter’s plowing and ice removal, don't forget to invite your snow removal company. 

There are some things we need to know before the snow starts piling up.

How to protect your property against winter damage?

Here’s how we do it.

If you haven’t inspected your property lately for potholes, cracked sidewalks and clogged storm drains, grab your coat.

There’s still time before the next big snow.

Paul Weaver, construction manager at Level Green Landscaping, shares a few potential hazards you should check out before snow removal season, to keep everybody who visits your property safe.

Have you signed up for snow removal yet?

What are you waiting for?

(If you answer “snow,” that’s the wrong answer.)

“The longer you wait, the fewer resources will be available for you,” says Paul Wisniewski, division manager at Level Green Landscaping. “It may take longer for us to do your snow removal, which adds more risk.”

Sign that contract.

Salt is one of those things we take for granted. But there isn’t an endless supply, especially this year, as companies that provide commercial snow management services brace for a serious shortage of the ice-melting material.

What’s the impact of salt shortages?

How can we use less salt, but still keep commercial properties safe for customers, tenants and visitors?

Ron Eckman explains. He’s the owner of Deicing Depot, which supplies deicing equipment and materials to customers throughout the country, including Level Green Landscaping.

Use less salt, he says. Here’s how.