Commercial landscape maintenance pruningSome surprises are great. Like when you think you already ate all the mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer, but hey, there’s a little bit left!

Others, not so great. Like when your commercial property’s lawn dies, and you have to dip into your already stretched budget to replace it. Surprise!

On days like that, ice cream helps. Better yet, add a few key commercial landscaping services into your contract to help avoid those unpleasant surprise costs.

Consider adding these:

1. Aerating and Overseeding

Think lawn aeration is a luxury item? Not really.

Aeration uses a machine to pull out tiny cores of soil from your lawn, allowing water and oxygen to get to the roots. Now, your lawn’s roots can grow nice and deep, producing a lush, healthy carpet of green.

If you have high-traffic areas — and many commercial properties do — they can especially benefit from aeration, since they‘re more prone to soil compaction.
Core aerator pulling out soil to add oxygen to the roots
Aeration is typically followed by overseeding, as the holes created by aeration are perfect new homes for that grass seed.

Be proactive about your lawn health and include aeration in your commercial landscaping services so you don’t face the unpleasant surprise of an emergency sod job to replace your ugly dead turf.

2. Dormant Pruning

It’s easy to ignore tree branches — up high and out of sight, out of mind, right?

But neglected branches that are dead or dying are likely to suddenly crash to the ground, potentially injuring people and damaging cars and property.
dormant pruning
Prune them when they’re dormant, and you don’t have to worry about paying for the consequences of them toppling.

3. Lime Treatments to Balance Lawn pH

Why does your lawn pH matter? Important nutrients for grass are available in soil when the pH is at the right level. If your pH is off, your grass won’t get the nutrients it needs, even if you fertilize regularly.

Here in Maryland, it’s rare that soil pH for turf grass is too high. It’s typically too low.

When your soil pH is too low, it’s time for lime, a soil amendment made from ground limestone rock, which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

Add lime to your soil, and these compounds increase the soil's pH, making soil less acidic and more alkaline. Then your soil can use the nutrients in your fertilizer, and flourish.

Neglect your pH, and your lawn will struggle, unable to use that fertilizer you’re paying for.

You could end up paying more in the long run to get your lawn back in shape. Or, include lime treatment in your commercial landscaping services contract.

4. Snow and Ice Management

Winters around here haven’t been too bad lately, right?

Isn’t it possible to breeze through snow season without paying for snow and ice management?

Sure, you could risk it.

But If somebody slips and falls on your property, there can be serious financial consequences for you.

We’re talking legal costs, medical costs, potential insurance rate increases, plus workers’ compensation if an employee slips.
Commercial snow removal
Also consider loss of business if potential customers or tenants pass you by because your property is clogged with snow or looks dangerously slick.

And good luck trying to find a good snow and ice management company once winter sets in. The best ones book up early.

Hire one for emergency plowing and you’ll have to pay more.

5. Stormwater Pond and Retention Basin Maintenance

There’s security in knowing you have a retention basin or stormwater pond on your property, right?

The pools collect water from rain and runoff and release it slowly, at a nice, easy rate that prevents flooding or erosion.

But is yours really working? Not without regular retention basin maintenance.

Neglect these stormwater management systems, and they won’t drain properly. They get clogged. A tree could uproot and cause a weak spot in the embankment, causing the dam to fail.

Then you face costly repairs. Surprise!

Add retention basin maintenance to your commercial landscaping services contract, and crews will mow the back side of the pond to remove any woody growth that can catch debris, obstructing the flow of water.
Retention pond maintenance
They’ll be on the lookout for cattails and other invasive plants that can block water flow and crowd out beneficial greenery.

If the pond’s bank is eroded, crews will backfill it with soil, plant grass seed, and cover it with an erosion control blanket of plastic mesh that protects the seed from wind and water erosion.

Regular mowing means crews can tackle the task with standard mowers. If they only mow once a year, the thick brush requires heavy equipment — a more expensive job.

6. Water Management: A Key Part of Commercial Landscaping Services

Not to get too personal, but how’s your drainage?

If your answer is “beats me,” you might consider adding water management to your commercial landscaping services.

If your property is soggy, damp, or mildewy, there are some fairly easy commercial drainage solutions that will fix problems now, before they get worse and hit you with some pricey surprise costs.

Excess water can cause serious damage to your commercial property. It can damage your building’s foundation, erode and crack sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls.

Too much water creates mold and mildew and causes cracks in interior walls and exterior surfaces. Damp conditions can even encourage mosquitoes and rodents to breed.

Excess water is a safety issue, too. You don’t want residents, visitors or customers tripping on damaged asphalt or wading through puddles to get to your entrance.

Any of that sound expensive to fix? No big surprise.

Avoid Costly Landscaping Surprises: Trust Level Green

Hate surprises? This is a good time to review your commercial landscaping services contract.

Add a few key services to help avoid unpleasant surprise costs.

Stick to the good surprises, like ice cream.

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Image Source: Retention Pond