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Evergreens don’t get enough credit.

Sure, everybody loves them at Christmas, bringing them inside for a rare treat and decking the halls with boughs of holly, but all year round, evergreen trees and plants are out in the landscape working super hard. 

“You can use evergreens in so many ways,” says Richard Sweeney, landscape architect at Level Green Landscaping. He’s about to tell us how.

What are the best evergreen trees and plants for your commercial property?
Sweeney shares a few of his favorites. 
You might want them all.

Have you thought much about your shrubs lately?

Probably not. They’re the quiet, hardworking plants in your commercial landscaping, never complaining or demanding much.

But if you ignore them, your landscaping will suffer. They need more attention than you might think. 

How long do shrubs live? How do you keep shrubs healthy?

You’re probably being wisely proactive a lot without even realizing it. 

Like when you put your name on your chicken pesto panini in the break room fridge so nobody else eats it. (Hopefully. Every office has that one guy.) 

You don’t want to open the fridge, stomach growling, and find it gone. Unpleasant surprise. 

It pays to be proactive with your commercial landscaping services, too. Otherwise, you’re in for unpleasant surprises. Like when your commercial property’s lawn dies, and you have to dip into your already stretched budget to pay to replace it.

An HOA community is bustling with activity: people strolling, kids playing, dogs frolicking, somebody complaining about something. (You know who you are.)

Streets and sidewalks are lined with everything from parked cars to skateboarders to kids’ sticky lemonade stands. (Neighborhood tip: make a kid happy and buy a cup.)

That means HOA landscapers have to take extra precautions as they mow, trim, and edge.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Sometimes it takes a small tree to make a big impact.

That’s when Level Green landscape designer Shelley Russell turns to dwarf trees for landscaping commercial properties.

In this article, Russell talks about the many reasons she loves dwarf trees — and shares her personal favorites.

Hey, not every plant can live at a botanical garden, right? Sometimes you wake up, stretch your leaves, and realize your new home is next to hot black asphalt.

Some plants know how to say, “Cool,” and make the best of it.\