Bigger isn’t always better.

Sometimes it takes a small tree to make a big impact.

That’s when Level Green landscape designer Shelley Russell turns to dwarf trees for landscaping commercial properties.

In this article, Russell talks about the many reasons she loves dwarf trees — and shares her personal favorites.

Benefits of Dwarf Trees in Landscaping

Southern Magnolia Dwarf Tree

Dwarf trees are great in containers when you really need a tree, because their roots don’t need a lot of space.

They nicely frame commercial property entryways and signs.

They’re a perfect accent plant in rock gardens, near water features and on patios.

Sometimes you love the characteristics of a regular-sized tree,” Russell says, “but you don’t have enough space for it.” (Think dwarf magnolia.)

And dwarf trees add cool varying textures to the landscape.

Popular Dwarf Trees

Now that Russell has you convinced that dwarf trees are great for commercial landscapes, here’s a look at a few of her favorite dwarf trees.

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

CC - Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

This is an evergreen dwarf tree, so you get year-round interest. Russell loves it for framing an entryway or sign, without overpowering it.

Dwarf Deodar Cedar ‘Feelin’ Sunny’

Named for its bright yellow foliage, this dwarf tree offers great contrast to darker green trees or shrubs. A beautiful accent plant, it also provides year-round interest.

Semi-Dwarf Crape Myrtle (‘Pink Velour’ or ‘Burgundy Cotton’)

These beauties are stunning in containers where you’d love a tree, but have limited root space.

Dwarf Southern Magnolia ‘Little Gem’

Semi Dwarf Crape Myrtle Tree

This has the same great features as the regular species, but doesn’t get as big. It can also be trained as an espalier against a wall.

Dwarf Japanese Maple

Everybody loves these little guys. They work great in containers, offer dramatic color and are lovely near water features and entryways. 

They even look great in winter, when they lose their leaves. Their elegant, cascading branches provide an architectural element to the commercial landscaping.

Here are a few popular dwarf Japanese maple varieties:

  • ‘Shaina’ boasts red leaves that turn orange in the fall.
  • ‘Kagiri Nishiki’ has a pretty vase shape, with  variegated red, white and green leaves.
  • ‘Waterfall’ has green leaves that turn burnt orange in the fall.

What About Dwarf Conifers?

Dwarf conifers have soared in popularity in the last couple years, Russell says.

“People have less time to take care of their gardens,” she says, “and landscapes are getting smaller.”

Slowmound Mugo Pine

Benefits of dwarf conifers for commercial landscaping:

  • They look great year round.
  • They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
  • They provide strong structure and texture to the landscape.
  • They offer shelter and food for birds and small mammals in the winter.
  • They look great mixed in with perennials, grasses and flowering shrubs.
  • They provide a backbone in winter to the otherwise bare landscape.

Popular Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce 

It boasts bright blue foliage and is excellent as a specimen or accent plant.

Slowmound Mugo Pine

Prized for its fine texture and deep green foliage, this mini pine is slow growing and great as a specimen plant or in a rock garden.

Tiny Tower Dwarf Alberta Spruce

This little spruce with a pyramidal shape is great as an accent, a small specimen or in containers.

It’s a perfect off-season container plant, Russell says. Try it in the fall with pansies at the base or in winter all dressed up in holiday lights.

Dwarf Juniper (Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’)

This works great as a low maintenance ground cover. It needs little water and it’s tough. It can take foot traffic, or use it on a hillside to help prevent erosion.

At Level Green, Sometimes We Think Small

We love great big trees as much as the next guy, but there’s unique beauty in dwarf trees — and they really come in handy in the landscape.

Let Russell pick the perfect petite powerhouse for your property. You’ll love it.

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Image Sources: Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Semi-Dwarf Crape Myrtle, Dwarf Southern MagnoliaSlowmound Mugo Pine