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How trendy are you?

Do you have a dog park, a fire pit, and permeable pavers? 

No? Let’s try again.

Do you have a mini golf course, a green roof, and robot lawn mowers?

No? Hmmm. Let’s get to work boosting your property’s commercial landscaping trends. 

Check out these popular landscaping ideas for commercial properties:

Everybody wants to love where they work.

While there are a lot of factors that make up a great workplace, landscape amenities can make a big impact.

Think walking trails. Contemplative gardens. Rooftop patios.

Start with an appealing, inviting entrance, and you make both employees and visitors happy to walk through the door.

The Washington DC area has two distinctly different corporate campus environments. Downtown companies have different options than a suburban corporate campus.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for corporate campus landscaping amenities:

Lots of great relationships involve hand-holding — it’s a key part of sunset strolls on the beach, right?

But when it comes to your relationship with your commercial landscaping company, you don’t have time for hand-holding. You need them to take the lead, get the job done, and make both you and your landscaping look good.

If you’re happily looking around at your commercial property’s newly planted trees and shrubs, and it looks perfect, somebody messed up.

It shouldn’t look perfect yet.

Trees and shrubs grow — and grow — and allowing space for that growth over the coming years is part of great commercial landscaping planning — and planting.

Imagine drifts of vibrant yellow daffodils on your property as far as the eye can see, casually blooming as if Mother Nature scattered the bulbs with cheerful abandon.

Except Mother Nature didn’t plant them — your landscaping crews did, using a planting technique called "naturalizing" that makes it look like the flowers popped up naturally in waves of impressive color.


Here’s what you need to know about naturalizing bulbs to make it happen on your commercial property.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Sometimes it takes a small tree to make a big impact.

That’s when Level Green landscape designer Shelley Russell turns to dwarf trees for landscaping commercial properties.

In this article, Russell talks about the many reasons she loves dwarf trees — and shares her personal favorites.