Why spend your internship at Level Green Landscaping?

We can’t wait to tell you.

James at Penn StateWe’re a fast-growing commercial landscape company located in Washington, DC and Maryland and we offer one of the most well-rounded landscaping internships in the industry.

While we offer many of the same benefits as the larger companies, we’re a family here. You’ll get to know the owners — and experience every aspect of the business during your time here.

Why intern at Level Green Landscaping? Why not?

We’ll answer all your questions, right here.

What Does A Level Green Landscaping Internship Entail?

Everything. That’s what makes our internships so valuable.

Interns rotate through several departments at the company, spending at least two weeks in each area, then returning to spend more time, if they like, in the area that interests them the most.

You’ll work in construction, in enhancements and landscape maintenance pulling weeds, installing plants, building retaining walls.

LevelGreen Commercial annual plantings Apartment HOA Account Manager and Customer

You’ll spend time with account managers checking on customers and writing proposals. You’ll hang out with a landscape designer and spend time with owners Doug Delano and Bill Hardy.

“If you spend your internship in just one department of a landscaping company, you might never find out that you really love a different aspect of the business,” says James Kole, account manager and an intern mentor at Level Green.

“I wish I would have interned here,” he says. “When I was hired here full time it took me a year or two to get familiar with all the aspects of the business.”

How Long Are Internships At Level Green?

We’ll tailor your internship to meet your needs, from a few weeks during the summer to a year-long stay.

Are Internships Paid?

Yes! You’ll work a full-time, 40-hour week, with pay.

What’s In It For Level Green?

We love showing off our business to students interested in the landscaping industry. We love the energy and fresh ideas that young people bring to our workplace.

And, selfishly, it helps us find great new employees.

“If things go well, it’s very common for an intern to get a job offer,” James says.

Ryan Bramer did.

Crew Member

Meet Ryan Bramer, Former Intern

A construction supervisor at Level Green Landscaping, Ryan discovered Level Green at a career fair while he was still in college at Oklahoma State University. He applied for an internship and worked with us for a summer. He liked us and we liked him.

So we brought him on full time as soon as he graduated.

“I got to see how the whole company works, and it reassured me that construction was the area I really liked the best,” Ryan says of his internship. “At another internship I had at a different company, I was just another helping hand. Here, they actually care about you and your future. They want you to move up the ladder and be successful.”

Why Intern At Level Green?

In addition to offering one of the most well-rounded green industry internships, Level Green is simply a nice place to be.

“It’s a family environment,” James says.  “There’s a small company feel here, instead of a big corporate feel.”

We want you to intern with us, not for us, as we continue to grow into one of the area’s leading commercial landscape companies.

And the DC area is a pretty great place to live.

“Lots of students want to relocate after graduation,” James says. “They’d love to come to a place where there are concerts and big sports teams, seafood, snowboarding, and the ocean two hours away.”

A great place to be

Recruiting At The National Collegiate Landscape Competition

In addition to visiting several mid-Atlantic colleges and universities to recruit interns, each year Level Green Landscaping hosts a booth at one of the country’s premier career fairs for landscaping students — at the National Collegiate Landscape Competition.

The event — this year March 15-18 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah — is an annual three-day competition and networking event for students in horticulture programs at colleges and universities across the country.

More than 750 landscape industry students attend, demonstrating their skills in real-world, competitive events.

A highlight is the competition’s popular career fair, where landscape industry companies like Level Green get a chance to meet and recruit next-generation landscape industry superstars.

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If you’re looking to gain valuable, real-world experience in an exciting team environment that values your fresh ideas, consider spending your landscaping internship with Level Green Landscaping.

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