Here at Level Green Landscaping, sustainability is a top priority. 

We don’t even let our waste go to waste. Recycling and composting are everyday practices here.

Ryan Bramer, Level Green operations manager, gives us the rundown, from paper in our office to oil from our shop to the weeds we pull from our customers’ properties.

In Our Office

Recycling symbol in grass textureWe recycle all paper products, cans and plastic in the office. There are several blue recycling bins for paper throughout the offices and a container for plastic and cans in our kitchen area.

When we had our annual Field Day this summer we bought 10 water coolers and served ice water from them in paper cups instead of buying water bottles — a great way to use less plastic.

Our kitchen is stocked with washable plates, bowls and coffee mugs, which cuts down on paper products.

In Our Shop

We’re smart about recycling in our shop, too. 

Used vehicle tires and motor oil both get recycled.

We set out our used shipping pallets and people happily take them, toting them home to turn them into furniture and other creative creations. 

Coffee table, anyone? DIY planters for the deck?

Come grab a shipping pallet. 

In Our Yard 

Bramer is in charge of our green waste area, where crews deposit the weeds they pull, shrub clippings, perennial cuttings  and limbs pruned from trees from our customers’ properties.

It’s all hauled away, where a company turns the green material into compost. We buy the compost back, and use it to enrich planting beds.

Crews have filled 58 dump trucks of green waste since May, Bramer says. 

Larger tree branches we collect are turned into hardwood mulch. 

Doing the right thing also means recycling all those plastic plant pots and flats. 

Our vendors often take back flats and plant containers, wash and sterilize them and re-use them. 

If not, we have a recycling bin for them onsite.

On Our Job Sites

leaves on commercial landscapeOur crews mulch leaves whenever possible, using a mulching mower that breaks the leaves down into nutritious bits beneficial to your turf.

If you have a small property, but lots of trees, you may have too many leaves to mulch.

In that case, crews remove them with a leaf vacuum, which shreds them and loads them onto a truck.

The leaves are trucked to a composting facility, just like our green waste, to turn into compost. Level Green buys the compost back, and uses it to enrich planting beds. 

Doing The Right Thing For The Earth

“Our saying is ‘Do the Right Thing’” Bramer says. “That includes doing the right thing for the environment. We want to help the earth, and help keep creating new life with things like good compost.”

It takes extra effort, he says. 

“It would be easier to just put everything in a landfill,” he says. “But that’s not the right thing. 

“I think our customers appreciate it,” he says, “especially in this area. They like to see that we’re doing our best to help the environment.”

Sustainability at Level Green: Join Us

Sustainability should be important to all of us. When you look for a commercial landscape maintenance company for your Washington DC property, ask if they focus on sustainable landscaping solutions.

Level Green Landscaping crew workingSustainability is a top priority for all of us at Level Green Landscaping, and we incorporate green practices into all of our projects. Whether it’s updating an irrigation system to cut back on water usage or using mowing techniques that reduce the need for spray chemicals, we always look for ways to better our clients’ sites.

We provide commercial property maintenance for properties throughout Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia. Level Green Landscaping services commercial properties like office buildings, homeowner associations (HOAs), mixed use, condominiums, retail, institutions and government entities.

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