Winter can be rough on your property’s irrigation system.

Water may have seeped in over the past few months, freezing and thawing, causing landscape damage.

Sprinkler heads can be clogged with debris. Your pump might need some attention after all these months.

What’s your irrigation start up plan? Turn on the water and hope for the best?

We have a better idea. Use our spring irrigation system start-up checklist to make sure your system is ready for another successful watering season.

Take these irrigation start up steps to save water, money and prevent a mid-summer meltdown.

Check The Sprinkler Heads

commercial irrigation system runningSprinkler heads are probably the most vulnerable part of your irrigation system. They get clogged with dirt and gas clippings. Lawn mowers, weed eaters and snow plows whack them. They might get buried or surrounded with debris over the winter.

If some holes are clogged, that means too much water may hit some areas and not enough will reach others. That means an unhealthy landscape and wasted water.

Be sure your sprinkler heads are nice and clear before the watering season starts, and repair or replace any damaged heads.

Check The Irrigation Pump

A faulty pump is bad news. Maybe it’s running, but not delivering water to the heads. Maybe it runs for a while, then mysteriously shuts off. Maybe it isn’t running at all.

None of these scenarios are good. Before starting up your irrigation system, make sure your pump is in top working order.

Check The Sprinkler System Components

Don't forget to check behind the scenes. Inspect the valves and other mechanical components. Sprinkler valves regulate the distribution of water throughout the entire system. A leaky valve will waste water and increase your water bill.

During your spring irrigation start up, visually inspect each valve to make sure they’re operating properly.

Dust off any cobwebs on the timer, make sure the date and time are correct, and make sure the settings are right for your landscape’s watering needs.

When You Turn On The Water, Go Easy

One of the biggest problems you could face with spring Irrigation system start up is when you turn on the water for the first time. A surge of air pressure caused by the rush of water suddenly flowing into an empty pipe can burst fittings.

Or, it can be sneaky, causing a system failure later on in the summer, when you need your irrigation system the most.

When restoring water to your sprinkler system, open the main water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill with water gradually. Nice and easy.

Leave Your Spring Irrigation System Start-up To Level Green

Level Green Landscaping crewWe know you have other things to do besides fuss with your property’s irrigation system. Leave it to us.

Our irrigation management technicians will turn on your water supply and check each zone of your system to make sure it’s working perfectly. They’ll check water pressure, inspect sprinkler heads, controls and sensors. If anything needs adjusting, fixing or replacing, we’re on top of it.

One of the biggest irrigation trends in commercial landscapes is efficiency. Keep in mind there are upgrades you can add to your system that will save you money in the long run.

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