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The landscaping industry has been struggling with a labor shortage for the past few years, and lately, it’s even more of a struggle to find good workers.

Companies like Level Green Landscaping are competing with lots of other employers looking for good workers, says Doug Delano, co-founder and managing partner at Level Green.

“We hired a full-time recruiter, but we’re still having issues,” he says. “Everybody’s in the same boat. Everybody’s looking for people.”

Customers, please be patient with us.

“We’re not getting things done as quickly,” Delano says. “We’re getting grass cut, but you may not get your mulch as quickly. It’s taking longer to get to enhancements.”
LevelGreen Commercial Landscaping Crew mulching
Meanwhile, if you know a hard worker looking for a good job, send them our way.

Pay is around $15/hr, with no experience necessary.

“We’re averaging 50-55 hours a week right now, so you can make decent money at $15 an hour, plus overtime,” Delano says. “We’re a growing company, so we have a significant amount of work.”

Other perks:

  • New employees get bonuses within weeks of coming on board.
  • Our team members receive competitive pay and benefits, and they have the opportunity to move up within the company.
  • While we work hard here at Level Green, we know the value of down time, too. We’re a family-owned company, so family time is important here. When you’re off, you’re off, so you can spend time with loved ones.
  • We offer education assistance. If you want to take classes to better yourself in this industry, we’ll help pay for it.
  • Working in landscaping keeps you active and on the move — even if you’re not working in the field on a landscaping crew. Our account managers are always on the move, walking sites with property managers and visiting job sites for quality inspections. Our operations managers are out on job sites every day.

Level Green is taking other steps to attract and retain workers, too, Delano says.

  • The company typically conducts performance reviews of mid-level managers in July. They’ve moved them up so managers get raises sooner.
  • Current Level Green employees receive a referral bonus for referring new workers to the company.

“We get the best people from referrals from people who already work here,” Delano says.Level Green crew pruning a shrub

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