When you hear about another company that pays a dollar more an hour than your current job, or offers a few more hours a week, it’s tempting to duck out the door for that “better” opportunity.

When the snow starts to fly and the temperature drops, an indoor job sounds a lot better than shoveling snow.

We understand your instincts. But you’re missing out.

Stay at the same company for a while, and there are lots of benefits that frequent job hoppers don't get.

Let’s take a look.

Better Pay

The longer you stay at Level Green Landscaping, the more opportunity you have for pay raises.

We pay for uniforms, too, from day one, unlike many landscaping companies. And we provide a uniform allowance each year to use when uniforms need replacing.

More Benefits

The longer you stay and work at Level Green, the more benefits you’ll get.

Insurance options. Paid vacation time. A 401K. Opportunity for advancement. A company vehicle to drive, once you work your way up to manager.

Fun company picnics and events.

All of that comes with time on the job. You can't move up in a company if you're always jumping back and forth. You can't become a leader without putting in the time.

Steady Work

Construction work might lure you away with the offer of a dollar more an hour. But that work usually ends after two or three months.

Think about the long term. At Level Green, we offer year-round work as much as possible.

Crews who work spring, summer and fall are encouraged to stay on for snow removal work. And snow removal pays a higher rate than landscape maintenance.

A Chance To Move Up

We know not everybody loves winter. Some crew members decide to return to their home country for the winter or leave for jobs where they can work inside.

But the more seasons you stay at Level Green and work snow removal, you'll move up. You won’t be a shoveler forever. You’ll move up to driving a heated skid or a heated truck.

Level Green is rapidly expanding. There’s more opportunity than ever to advance in the company. But you have to stay long enough for us to get to know you and your capabilities.

Education And Training

Our goal is to train everyone on every piece of equipment, once they demonstrate they’re capable. This internal training will boost your skills and knowledge as you master larger and more complicated equipment.

We encourage employees to continue their education outside the company, too. We reimburse 50 percent of tuition on any industry-related class or certification, if you earn a C or higher.

If you leave, you'll miss out on training opportunities that lead to promotions.

Be Part Of A Family

Happy Crew Member

At Level Green, we're a family. It’s one of the best things about working here. We want to get to know you. To get the benefits of family, you have to keep showing up.

It’s stressful being the new person. Why would you want to keep doing that, over and over again?

The more you know people, the more you look forward to coming to work, to see your friends.

We’d love to see you stick around.

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