Student loan debt weighing you down?

Come on board as a management trainee at Level Green Landscaping and we’ll help you pay it off.

The company’s new student loan repayment program will contribute $100 a month toward student loan debt.

Here’s How It Works

Level Green Landscaping Employees with benefitsThe program starts 60 days after you’re hired as a manager or management trainee.

Under the program, you still make your scheduled monthly student loan payment. Level Green contributes an extra $100, paid directly to your loan provider on top of that, once you make your payment each month.

“It pays off your principal quicker,” says James Kole, branch manager at Level Green.

“If you have a 10-year loan, maybe now you’ll be able to pay it off in seven years,” he says. “That will save a lot in interest. The interest rates are what kill you. Student loan interest rates are at 7 or 8 percent — higher than a car loan.”

Why Do We Do This?

“Student debt is a major issue in the country right now,” says Doug Delano, co-owner of Level Green Landscaping. “I think it's even greater than personal debt. People are postponing buying houses and having families because of it. This is a small way we can help.”  

“It’s another way for us to recruit good talent,” Kole adds. “We want to attract good managers. It’s why we have our management trainee program.

“It’s a sizable investment for us,” Kole says. “This is one way to be competitive with other landscaping companies. If you have two identical offers from two different companies, but one offers to help pay your student loans, you might be likely to take that job.”

While this kind of offer is found in the financial sector, “I’ve never heard it done in the landscaping industry,” Kole says.

Why It Matters

When Level Green hosted a peer group summit in August, college professors taking part in a panel discussion said student loan debt is the biggest issue that prohibits new graduates from pursuing their dream careers, Kole says.

“A lot of graduates have to live at home because they can’t afford to move away,” he says.

An Extra Perk

Level Green Landscaping TeamIn addition to the $100 a month, the program also includes free debt counseling, Kole says. Experts will help new graduates consolidate loans to make payments more manageable.

Kole knows firsthand about the burden of loan debt.

“I came out of school with a pretty heavy chunk of loans,” Kole says. “I have a fairly high monthly payment, because I wanted to pay it off fast.”

He has three years to go to pay off his student loans.

“If this program existed when I graduated,” Kole says, “my loans would be paid off now.”

“It's incredible what a difference paying a little extra toward the principal can make,” Delano says.  

Want To Join The Team?

Here at Level Green Landscaping, we’re always looking for hard-working, talented people to join our team. We’re happy to offer a company culture and benefits that attract top-notch team members who soon feel like family.

Are you ready to work for a company willing to help you pay off your student loan debt?

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