Jose Torres 1When there’s a new intern or a new crew member at Level Green Landscaping, they usually end up working with supervisor Jose Torres.

Send ‘em to Torres, and they learn the ropes fast. He’s an expert at taking people under his wing. 

Everybody should spend a bit of time with Jose. He knows how to start each day off right.

“Every Day Is Special”

Jose has been at Level Green for six years, promoted to an enhancements supervisor after working on a maintenance crew.

He’s worked in landscaping for a dozen years, gathering a lot of skills along the way. 

“Landscaping is very interesting to me,” he says. “I’ve learned many things. I like that I get to do different things. Every day is different and special to me.”

Starting The Day Right 

Jose Torres  and Level Green Landscaping crewJose supervises three crew members. They always get a bright start to their day. 

“I always do a positive thing every morning,” he says. “I want my crew to feel that, all day long. I always try to be positive.”

He encourages ideas and input from his crew, he says.

“My guys like that,” he says. “We all share ideas. We’re a team, every day.”

As leader of that team, Jose wears a lot of hats, from training crew members to dealing with customers to ordering materials from vendors. 

“It’s a big responsibility,” he says. “It’s not just the crew, it’s everything.

“I try to be careful, patient and think about how I can do better, every day.”

What makes a great day for Jose? 

“If a day goes well, with no accidents, nothing going wrong, and my guys are happy when we get back, that gives me satisfaction,” he says. 

“Torres Does It All Well”

“He’s a huge asset to my team,” says Cameron Cook, operations manager at Level Green and Jose’s supervisor. 

“He really works well with others, training his crews. He wants everyone to learn. He’s very patient with new people. He takes time out from what he’s doing to get that employee up to speed.”

It’s a testament to Jose that new team members get sent to him to learn the landscaping ropes, Cook says.

“He’s so good at showing everybody the Level Green way, as well as teaching them technical skills,” he says. 

And he does all this cheerfully, he says. 

“He always has a smile on his face, he never has negative energy,” Cook says. “He’s always ready and willing to accomplish any task that comes his way.”

That’s a lot of tasks. 

“A good supervisor, which Torres is, needs to be well rounded and competent at anything that’s thrown at him,” Cook says. “Installing pavers, planting, watering. But he needs good people skills, too. If you’re working at an HOA and somebody is upset, you have to calm that situation down. You have to deal with vendors, too, and go into any rock quarry or nursery and place an order.

“Torres does it all well.”

Family Fun

Jose Torres 3Jose and his wife, Roxana, have two daughters, Ashley, 12, and Angelique, 7.

They love to go to the park together and hit the playground. And he has three loud, enthusiastic cheerleaders when he plays soccer, a favorite pastime. 

A cat named Otis rounds out the Torres family.

Part Of The Team

“When I started at Level Green, they made me feel comfortable,” Jose says. “Everybody was nice — I felt like I was part of the team. I’ve told other people they should work here, and some have. They always tell me, ‘You were right — this is a good place to work.’”

Want To Join The Team?

Jose is just one of the dedicated team members we have here at Level Green Landscaping. And we’re always looking for hard-working, talented people to join our team.

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