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When there’s a new intern or a new crew member at Level Green Landscaping, they usually end up working with supervisor Jose Torres.

Send ‘em to Torres, and they learn the ropes fast. He’s an expert at taking people under his wing. 

Everybody should spend a bit of time with Jose. He knows how to start each day off right.

Level Green team members aren’t just great at landscaping — they look great doing it. 

Uniforms are important here. We take a lot of pride in how we look on the job. 

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The good news? We have a very generous uniform policy.

Ellen O’Brien, Level Green uniform coordinator and administrative assistant, tells you what new employees need to know: 

If you’re one of Ryan Rimshaw’s landscaping customers, you’ll get to know each other pretty well.

But there's a lot to discover, so here’s a shortcut.

He collects cars, and has two Jeeps painted exactly like the Jeeps in “Jurassic Park.”

He owns five dogs. He built a train track around his house with a working train you can ride. The dogs love it.

He rode dirt bikes professionally, until one day he crushed a disc in his tailbone — the hazard of doing jumps on a dirt bike at 100 miles per hour.

And if you want to talk landscaping, the Level Green account manager studied it for eight years and owned his own landscaping company.

Mario Argeta Perez shows up to work every morning at Level Green Landscaping a half hour before he has to be there. 

Ask him why he likes the place so much and he talks about “convivir.” It’s one of those Spanish words that’s tough to accurately translate to English.

But it basically means living with others in harmony.

It’s what everybody says about working at Level Green: It’s like a family.

And Mario is like that cousin everybody has who’s always smiling. 

Need a job in 2019?

C’mon over.

Level Green Landscaping is growing, and that means we’re hiring.

Who do we need? How should you apply? What do you need to know?

Michael Mayberry, chief technical officer at Level Green Landscaping and a former landscaping hiring manager, has the answers.

The first thing Doug Delano says about how he ended up here might surprise you.

“I hated mowing grass,” he says.

Luckily, he grew up surrounded by gardeners, or you might not even be reading this story.

His dad grew fragrant roses and snappy stalks of asparagus. His mom nourished vegetable gardens and both grandmothers loved plunging their fingers into the soil.

It was in his blood. So after considering a career as a pastor, majoring in philosophy, teaching high school math and coaching football, Doug gave in to his calling.

“I wanted to be a landscaper,” he says.

Now he’s co-owner of Level Green Landscaping. But he started at the bottom, as most landscapers do, working as a laborer and truck driver at Ruppert Landscape.

“I went from a job that needed a college degree to one where all you needed was to be robust enough to dig holes all day,” he says.

But not for long. He took classes in horticulture and landscape design, and after a few months moved up to assistant supervisor.

Soon he was a supervisor on the construction side, then a project manager, overseeing several crews. After five years in construction he was promoted to area manager on the maintenance side. Then he worked in sales and was a branch manager.

He loved the journey. But when Ruppert was bought by a large national company, the thrill was gone.