One of the biggest events of the year unfolds in Washington DC in January — the Presidential Inauguration. That means hotels in the area will be packed with guests from across the nation and the world.

But DC hotels always have to be ready to shine. The nation’s capital draws a steady stream of tourists, business travelers and dignitaries all looking for impressive lodging.

Some high-end hotels host a wedding a week — or more. Cleanliness, elegance, sophistication is always key.

What does that mean for their hotel landscape maintenance crews? Here’s a look:

Washington DC hotel landscape maintained by landscaping crew

Focus on Landscape Details

At high-end hotels like the celebrated Four Seasons, the newly renovated luxurious Watergate and the elegant St. Regis hotels, guests expect perfection, inside and out. Perfect flower beds. Neatly groomed, lush green lawns. Weeds? Don't even think about it.

The Level Green Landscaping crews that handle these hotels are always focused on the smallest details.

More Frequent Maintenance Visits

While landscaping crews are on site every seven to 10 days for a typical commercial property job to mow, mulch and weed, hotels require more frequent visits.

A good hotel landscaping maintenance crew will be on site two to three times a week to neaten, water flower planters, and make sure every aspect of the grounds is pristine.

Be Ready For Emergency Landscape Touch-Ups

Special guests and events often require emergency touch-ups.

It’s common in the DC area for guests to book a hotel at the last minute to host a party. Dignitaries from other countries might reserve an entire floor.

A hotel landscape maintenance company might get a call at 7 p.m. on a Sunday night requesting extra flower displays for Monday morning. Rush job? No problem.

Washington DC hotel landscape maintained by Level Green Landscaping

Keep The Noise Down

Hotel guests don’t want to be jarred awake by noisy equipment after a celebratory night. It’s important to be quiet.

At Level Green Landscaping, we don’t run power equipment on our hotel sites until after 9 a.m.

Our crews arrive early and do quiet work like pulling weeds and raking. But no leaf blowers or mowers until after 9.

We also have a full complement of electric-powered gear, which is quieter than gas-powered equipment.

Communication Between Crew & Property Manager

The painstakingly attention to detail needed to maintain hotel landscaping doesn’t just happen. It requires frequent communication between the landscaping company and the hotel’s property manager. Onsite weekly visits and daily conversations ensure every detail is efficiently, professionally handled.

Keep a Professional Appearance

Hotel guests don’t want to see a rusty pick-up truck loaded with lawn and garden equipment. At Level Green Landscaping, we have a clean, professional van that neatly stows our equipment, out of sight.

Frequent Plant Rotations

Typical commercial landscape clients have two plant rotations a year — a plant and flower installation in late fall and another one in the spring.

High-end hotels might have four to five plant rotations a year. That way, everything always looks fresh and in season, with no bare spots.

This is especially important for hotels that have frequent weddings, so the plantings look perfect, whatever the season.

Level Green Landscaping: Exceeding Expectations

Level Green Landscaping crew in Washington DCThe most elegant hotels in the DC area choose Level Green Landscaping for a reason. Actually, for lots of reasons.

Our meticulous crews attend to every landscaping detail. Lawns are lush, healthy and neat. Flower beds and planters brim with color and interest.

We know how important reputation is — we stand by ours proudly. We’re delighted that hotels with exceptional reputations to uphold trust us to impress their guests.

We’d love to impress your guests, too.

Contact Level Green Landscaping for a free consultation to see how we can enhance and maintain your DC landscape.

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