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You’re probably being wisely proactive a lot without even realizing it. 

Like when you put your name on your chicken pesto panini in the break room fridge so nobody else eats it. (Hopefully. Every office has that one guy.) 

You don’t want to open the fridge, stomach growling, and find it gone. Unpleasant surprise. 

It pays to be proactive with your commercial landscaping services, too. Otherwise, you’re in for unpleasant surprises. Like when your commercial property’s lawn dies, and you have to dip into your already stretched budget to pay to replace it.

The landscape of classic cartoons is definitely not safe. 

Somebody’s always either falling into a deep hole, getting run over by a truck, or having an anvil drop on their head.

Who’s in charge of safety over there? Somewhere, a property manager is in big trouble. 

Make sure it’s not you.  When you hire a commercial landscaping company, ask how they’ll keep your property — and the people on it — safe.

Remember when you decided being on your HOA landscaping committee sounded like fun?

Flowers! Green spaces! Pondering cool amenities like walking trails and dog parks! 

But when you’re an HOA board member, let’s face it — landscaping can be kind of stressful.

You want your community to look great, feel welcoming, and attract new buyers. You want to protect your property value. You know landscaping plays a huge part.

You have high standards for yourself, employees and properties — and that’s part of the reason the owners and tenants are so pleased with the sites you manage.

But, you can’t directly handle every aspect of the commercial property, that is, unless you enjoy sleep deprivation and exhaustion. So, it’s important to find others who have that same high standard and thrive to be the best, especially when it comes to choosing your landscape maintenance company.

How trendy are you?

Do you have a dog park, a fire pit, and permeable pavers? 

No? Let’s try again.

Do you have a mini golf course, a green roof, and robot lawn mowers?

No? Hmmm. Let’s get to work boosting your property’s commercial landscaping trends. 

Check out these popular landscaping ideas for commercial properties:

Nobody needs to tell a property manager about rising costs and pinched budgets.

It’s impossible to escape.

So when it’s time to renew the contract for your commercial landscape maintenance, you probably expect to see that cost increase, too. It just makes sense. 

“It’s been a tough market,” says Larry Leon, director of business development at Level Green Landscaping. 

Prices are up across the board, he says, but not everybody understands that affects the landscaping business, too.

What factors affect the cost of commercial landscape maintenance in Washington DC?