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Dazzling customers, residents, and tenants with twinkling holiday lights is a feel-good part of the holiday season.

But while they smile at the sparkle, property managers know there’s hard work behind it, from timing of installation and take down to budgeting.

What’s most important to commercial property managers when it comes to holiday decorating?

We asked them. Area property managers took our quick survey about outdoor holiday decorating.

Armies of hungry, destructive pests are invading counties throughout Maryland and Virginia, leaving once-green and healthy lawns bare and brown. 

It can happen practically overnight.

The villain is the fall armyworm, and experts say this year the extensive damage is the worst they’ve seen.

What to watch for? What to do about it? Let’s take a look.

If you think communicating about the need to communicate is overkill, you’re wrong.

There’s no such thing as too much communication, especially when it comes to landscaping companies and HOAs.

HOA landscape maintenance involves a unique set of challenges, from multiple homeowners’ high expectations to communication to timing.

How do HOA property managers feel about the need for communication with their landscaping company?

We asked them.

Here at Level Green Landscaping, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

Do property managers, homeowners, and tenants care?

Lonnie Bush, founder of Lonnie Bush Property Management in Virginia Beach, weighs in on the benefits of partnering with an environmentally friendly landscaping company.

Think back for a minute to your favorite playground memories. We’ll wait.

Remember swinging so high it felt like you were a bird in the sky? Then hitting the ground with a big thump?

Ouch. Which brings us to the best surface material for playgrounds.

Pea gravel vs rubber mulch vs wood chips — what’s the best surface for playgrounds?

Hop off the swing and let’s take a look.

The latest shortage related to Covid-19 hits you right in the landscaping — it’s plants. 

A nationwide shortage of trees, shrubs, and perennials has landscaping companies like Level Green scrambling to meet the supply for customers eager to spruce up properties as the country begins to open up after the shutdowns of Covid-19.

“We’re not the only ones facing a plant shortage — everyone’s facing a shortage,” says Bradley Sarno, operations manager at Level Green Landscaping.

Demand for plants is greater than the supply after a year of brisk plant sales to homebound homeowners who decided to boost their landscaping.

“Everybody is home gardening now,” Sarno says. “Everybody’s at home raising chickens, planting vegetable gardens, and installing landscaping around the house. It has definitely increased demand.”

To meet that demand, growers started selling stock last year that they would have saved for this year.

It’s been a challenge just to survive lately, but if you’re a property manager you’ve had a few more challenges on top of that. 

Level Green surveyed our property manager customers to find out about their top challenges this year. 

What hurdles are you facing? What’s got you tearing your hair out? 

Here are the survey results, along with thoughts from Adam Smith, Level Green Business Development Manager, whose job is to show property managers how a good landscaping company can ease some of those headaches. 

Are you struggling with these challenges, too? We’d love to help make your job easier.