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You might think a virtual meeting with 27 faces sharing a screen would be chaotic, at best. 

Keep thinking. It went great. 

Level Green Landscaping recently hosted a virtual “lunch and learn“ event with property management company Legum & Norman. 

It was a great way to introduce ourselves to the company and offer a fascinating educational topic: how climate change is affecting the landscape and turf industry.

Here at Level Green Landscaping, celebrating our hard work is as much a part of life as the work. 

You’ll often find us together, talking and laughing around tables laden with a homemade Hispanic feast, marinated beef sizzling on the grill. 

Or lined up to share office manager Lynn Garris’ savory pulled pork.

Or gathered around a beachside lunch of grilled burgers, kielbasa, and baked beans after rousing games of wiffle ball and tug-of-war.

Or enjoying a made-to-order omelette breakfast.

You get the idea.

While PPE is a new acronym for a lot of people navigating COVID-19 safety, it’s been in our vocabulary since day one.

In the landscaping industry, personal protection equipment has always meant safety glasses, ear plugs, and dust masks.

But now we join the rest of the world in adding cloth face masks, as well as a slew of new safety and disinfecting measures to protect against the coronavirus.

Brad Butler, manager of corporate safety at Level Green Landscaping, talks about the additional PPE that’s now part of our safety routine. 

Landscaping is a lot of work. You’ve probably realized that if your city, township, or county tackles these outdoor tasks on your own — along with all the other hard work it takes to run a municipality. 

Need a hand?

Hire expert landscaping services for municipalities, and say goodbye to your landscaping stress.

Here’s why you should take the plunge: 

Sometimes, nature tries to take over.

Invasive plants are an increasing problem in Maryland and Virginia, taking over forests of native trees and plants and slowly killing them.

What are invasive plants? How do you control invasive plants?

Brad Butler, corporate manager at Level Green Landscaping, talks about the problem — and the painstaking, important solution.

Here at Level Green, we’ve long been advocates for the environment, from our careful use of fertilizer to our recent move to electric-powered landscaping equipment.

We know our customers appreciate our earth-friendly stance as we balance it with their desire for excellent landscaping.

That balance has come to the forefront lately as Montgomery County, Md. recently enacted controversial new legislation covering pesticide use.

Your commercial property's signage is a public invitation — it invites customers, visitors, tenants and clients to stop in and stay awhile. It needs to make a great first impression.

The best way to boost your signage visibility is with great landscaping. Professionals know just how to use color, the perfect plants and a few other tricks to make your signage stand out.

Let's take a look at how landscaping around signage can boost the visibility of your property’s signs and make visitors want to see more.

When we talk about a commercial property’s common area, we mean a shared space, where people congregate to relax, munch a sandwich, read a book.

But they should be anything but common. They should be a bright spot in your property’s landscaping.

A common area might be part of an apartment complex, an office park, a university, a homeowner’s association.

Whatever the case, a common area should have certain features that make it attractive and appealing — a place where people want to spend time.

Let’s look at a few ways to enhance the common area landscaping on your property.