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Is your lawn gasping for air? You won't hear it, but you can probably see it.

When your turf’s roots can’t breathe, it shows. Weeds take over where grass struggles. Grass that used to be green turns brown. Pests and disease pounce.

The good news? There are solutions. But which one is right for your lawn?

Let’s take a look at lawn aeration vs. slit-seeding and how they can revive your struggling lawn.

How many landscaping questions could HOA residents possibly ask? Let’s see:

  • Can I install a patio out back?
  • Are garden ornaments allowed?
  • Can I plant 7 hydrangea shrubs?
  • What are the rules about fences?
  • I want to plant a bamboo hedge — is that OK?
  • Can I grow tomatoes and peppers to make salsa? I’ll give you a jar!

You get the idea. Lots of questions.

While HOAs typically hire a landscaping company to care for their common areas, homeowners are often required to care for their own landscaping, following any HOA landscaping rules.

Sure, you want your lawn healthy and mowed, your beds weeded, and your trees pruned, but these days, there’s another item on the landscaping checklist: protecting the earth.

After all, we only have one earth.

But there are plenty of sustainable landscape solutions.

Here’s a look at a few for your earth-friendly commercial property, from attractive hard-working gardens to innovative robots that’ll make you the cool company on the block.

Don't underestimate the power of mulch. It does great things for your landscape.

Sure, flowers are brighter, shrubs are bigger and nothing says lush like a rolling carpet of green lawn.

But without mulch, your landscape is lacking.

How much mulch do you need? What kind should you use? When’s the best time to put down mulch?

Stick with us. We know much about mulch.

Data centers are hot.

Sure, they’re literally hot, emitting a lot of heat keeping the internet moving.

But they’re also more in demand than ever, as more everyday business interactions shift to the cloud, demand for personal entertainment soars, and massive companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook keep chugging away.

Northern Virginia is a data center hot spot.

“It’s insane how many data centers are popping up, on any available land,” says Jenna Visco, a northern Virginia branch manager at Level Green Landscaping.

That means landscaping services for data centers are more in demand than ever.