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Have you thought much about your shrubs lately?

Probably not. They’re the quiet, hardworking plants in your commercial landscaping, never complaining or demanding much.

But if you ignore them, your landscaping will suffer. They need more attention than you might think. 

How long do shrubs live? How do you keep shrubs healthy?

There’s a lot to love about the changing seasons here in the Mid-Atlantic — plump porch pumpkins in fall, the first grilled burgers of summer, the thrill of remembering where you put your snow brush as the first flakes fly.

Your commercial property landscaping marks the changing seasons, too, from spring daffodils to falling leaves to smart dormant pruning in winter. 

Seasonal landscape maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your commercial property landscaping healthy, thriving, tidy and impressive.

Is your commercial property landscaping fresh and modern, with innovative gathering spots and graceful ornamental grasses? 

Or is it still sporting sad over-pruned junipers way past their prime?

Maybe you haven’t really noticed. But your customers and tenants do. 

Good commercial landscape design doesn't stay the same — it changes, with trends, technology and evolving customer tastes.

Imagine you’re pulling up in front of the hotel where you’re about to stay for a few days. It could be any high-end hotel, but let’s just say for fun that it’s yours. 

You park the car, unload your suitcase, and grab your party size bag of cheese puffs (no judging here— you’re on vacation!)

Look around. What do you notice? Could your landscaping’s important first impression use a boost?

You’re probably being wisely proactive a lot without even realizing it. 

Like when you put your name on your chicken pesto panini in the break room fridge so nobody else eats it. (Hopefully. Every office has that one guy.) 

You don’t want to open the fridge, stomach growling, and find it gone. Unpleasant surprise. 

It pays to be proactive with your commercial landscaping services, too. Otherwise, you’re in for unpleasant surprises. Like when your commercial property’s lawn dies, and you have to dip into your already stretched budget to pay to replace it.