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Unhappy at work?

Too stressed out?

Need a change?

Not sure where to turn after serving in the military?

It could be a perfect mid-career change.How about landscaping?

Here’s why.

You Have Plenty Of Time Left

While younger workers are often quick to make a job change, workers over age 50 sometimes feel they should hang in there until retirement.

But the average age of retirement is on the rise.

If you have 15 or 20 years of work ahead, do you really want to be unhappy?

Actually, you're in a pretty good place — old enough to have some impressive work skills and experience, but young enough to take on something challenging and new. 

You Really Don’t Need This Stress

If you’re in a job that piles on the stress, it’s not good for your health, your relationships, or your enjoyment of life.

Why Not Learn Something New?

Maybe your career was exciting at first, but lately you feel like it’s just not challenging. You know it too well.

Learning new skills stimulates your brain, challenges you in new ways and makes it fun to go to work again.

Follow Your Passion

Enjoy your Life signMaybe landscaping has always been a passion for you, but you always considered it just a hobby — not a career.

You might be surprised how fulfilling it is to do every day — and you can make a good living, too.

Follow Our Leader

Level Green co-owner Doug Delano is a great example. After considering a career as a pastor, majoring in philosophy, teaching high school math and coaching football, Doug gave in to his calling.

He wanted to be a landscaper. He started at the bottom, as most landscapers do, working as a laborer and truck driver at a Maryland landscaping company.

“I went from a job that needed a college degree to one where all you needed was to be robust enough to dig holes all day,” he says.

But not for long. He took classes in horticulture and landscape design, and after a few months moved up to assistant supervisor.

The promotions kept coming — now he co-owns a growing, successful landscaping company that employs more than 200.

Military Veterans — This Could Be Perfect

Wondering what to do after your time in the military? Many former servicemen and women find themselves unemployed or underemployed during their first years out of the military — especially veterans who don’t have a college degree.

The landscaping industry could be your perfect fit.

The qualities that make you successful in the military are the same qualities we value here at Level Green Landscaping.

Leadership. Willingness to work hard. Dedication to the job. Showing up on time every day.

No Experience In Landscaping? No Problem

Maybe you’re an avid gardener and can identify every plant in the garden. Landscaping seems like a perfect fit.

But what if you don’t know liriope from liatris?

No problem.

You’d be surprised how many job skills transfer well to the landscaping industry.

Sales. Customer service. Accounting. Time management. Communication. Organization.

If you bring some core good skills, we can always teach you the ins and outs of the landscaping industry.

Sure, we employ lots of people who love planting flowers, weeding beds and pruning trees. But we also have positions in administration, technology and management.

Work In The Great Outdoors

Level Green Landscaping crewIf you’ve spent your whole career in an office and are ready to breathe some fresh air, you’ll love it here.

Working in landscaping keeps you active and on the move — even if you’re not working in the field on a landscaping crew.

Our account managers are always on the move, walking sites with property managers and visiting job sites for quality inspections.

Our operations managers are out on job sites every day.

Tired of being cooped up? Come on over.

The Job Market Is Great

Level Green is growing like crazy, so we’re always looking for good people to add to our expanding team.

When we find a great job candidate, we often hire them even if we don’t have an immediate opening — we’re growing so fast, we know we’ll have a spot soon.

Want To Join The Team?

We’re always looking for hard-working, talented people to join our team.

Are you ready to work for a strong, growing company that values people embarking on second careers?

Contact us at 202-544-0968.

We’d love to meet you.

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