Level Green Landscaing crew workingWondering why you should choose Level Green Landscaping for your commercial property?

We’ll make it easy.

Here’s a tidy list of compelling reasons. No muss, no fuss.

Dave Briggs, longtime account manager, is a great convincer.

The rest is up to you.

Reason #1: You’re Always In The Know

There’s no wondering when we visited your property and what we did.

We tell you — right away. Level Green’s digital property service reports detail exactly what services were performed when crews were on your property. Were flower beds weeded? Trees pruned? Mulch delivered? Irrigation checked?

There’s no mystery — it’s all outlined for you, in a snap.

It might even include a photo.

We’ve created a digital system in-house to collect this information from the supervisor on site and email it to the account manager, the operations manager and to you, the client.

At Level Green, we partner with leading industry vendors to stay current with the latest technology to deliver the best landscaping service for your commercial property.

And if the technology we need isn’t available, we create it ourselves.

Reason #2: Quality Inspection Reports 

Level Green Landscaping quality inspectionHow can we promise to give your property the absolute best attention, all the time?

We spend a lot of time there.

Every account manager and operations manager is required to do one physical property inspection each month for every customer.

They check the quality of the crew’s work. Are the lines mowed straight? Is the site clear of any trash or debris? Is there anything that could be done better? Are any enhancements needed?

These reports are delivered instantly by email, so we can jump on any potential problems right away.

Reason #3: We’ve Got Your Back

“Communication is a big thing here,” Briggs says.

“If I see something out of the ordinary, whether it’s landscape related or not, I let the property manager know.”

Our crews go beyond mowing, trimming and pruning to really pay attention to your property, looking for potential problems.

Maybe there’s a pile of trash building up by the dumpster, or a sinkhole near your drain. We’ll snap a photo and say, "Do you want us to take care of this?”

“Property managers are managing so many sites, they can’t be everywhere,” Briggs says. “We’re their extra set of eyes.”

Reason #4: We’re Proactive

You don’t have to stress about the best ways to maximize your commercial property’s landscaping.

We’ll bring the best ideas right to you.

“We look at your property for potential enhancements,” Briggs says. If there’s not room in this year’s budget for the improvement, we’ll suggest planning it for next year.

Reason #5: Nobody Beats Our Snow Removal

snow removal by Level Green LandscapingYou’ll never be unprepared for a snow storm.

Five days before a predicted weather event, we send an email about the impending weather. Then, 48 hours before, we call or email with an update.

Another call goes out 24 hours ahead.

“We give you a whole plan of attack for the upcoming snow event,” Briggs says.

You’ll know exactly when we’ll show up. And we’ll keep you updated throughout the storm.

This top-notch snow service is available only to our year-round landscaping clients.

“I get a lot of thank yous from customers for the heads up,” Briggs says. “Our customers know we’re ready to tackle it. They don’t have to think, ‘I wonder if Dave’s ready.’”

He is.

Reason #6: In-house Landscape Design 

Not every landscaping company has an in-house designer. We do. And she’s great.

Shelley Russell designs with your particular property needs in mind.

Low maintenance? Better curb appeal? Excess water issues?

She’s on it.

Russell uses sophisticated software to create landscape designs on the computer. With one click, she can add a pergola or switch from an above view to a 3D view, giving you a realistic sense of what your new improved property will look like.

She can even create a video that shows the landscaping as a client “walks” through it.

Prepare to be wowed.

Reason #7: We Get Personal

Level Green Landscaping manager and customerYou’re not just a client to us. You’re a friend.

Your account manager might stop by Starbucks on their way over to grab your favorite drink.

Chances are, you’ll get know about their kids, and they’ll probably end up knowing your dog’s name.

Sure, it’s a client/landscaper relationship, but at the heart of it, we like acknowledging that we’re people, too.

Reason #8: We Do The Right Thing

Owners Doug Delano and Bill Hardy have had strong values and high standards from the very beginning.

Their company motto, “Do The Right Thing,” isn’t just emblazoned on the wall.

It’s part of life at Level Green.

As co-owner Doug Delano says, “If you make a commitment, you stand by it. If you make a mistake, you fix it. Treat people as you want to be treated.”

“The culture of our company comes down from our owners, Doug and Bill,” Briggs says. “Take care of the customer. Do the right thing. It’s conveyed throughout the company.”

Reason #9: We’re Just The Right Size

Level Green Landscaping crew on commercial propertyYou want a landscaping company that’s big enough — but not too big. Maybe you want a company that’s local — but you also want it to handle all of your property’s needs.

Level Green offers the best of both worlds.

We have the capacity for large-scale work, but our local owners are involved in the day to day business. They come to presentations. They show up at job sites.

We have multiple branches, which allows us to get to jobs quicker, whether it’s to jobs in the metropolitan DC area, Northern Virginia, Prince George’s County, southern Maryland or Baltimore.

Reason #10: We Make Your Job Easier

We know how much you have on your plate.

“We understand the property manager’s role, and we know what to do to make things easier for them,” Briggs says. “They’re managing so many more sites than they did 10 years ago.”

Leave the landscaping to us.

Why NOT Be A Level Green Customer?

Level Green Landscaping do the right thing signOur list could go on, but we have to stop somewhere.

Need more reasons? Give us a call.

If you’re not already a Level Green Landscaping client, we’d love to add you to our growing list of happy customers. Our focus is on commercial properties like offices, mixed-use sites, HOAs, municipalities and institutions in Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Virginia.

Contact us at 202-544-0968. You can also request a free consultation online to meet with us one-on-one.

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