Good commercial landscape design doesn’t stay the same — it changes, with trends, technology and evolving customer tastes.

How has commercial landscape design evolved over the past 15 years since Level Green Landscaping started? And how have we grown and adapted to stay on top of the changes?

Let's take a look.

Bye, Bye, Dated Junipers

Fifteen years ago, junipers were the standard for commercial landscape design. Lots and lots of junipers. It makes sense. Junipers — whether ground covers, shrubs or yews — are low maintenance and super tough.

Maintenance companies would come in a couple times a year and shear them into hedges to keep their shape. They were serviceable, but zzzzzzz…. sorry. We dozed off there for a minute.

These days, those sheared junipers look dated — and make properties look dated, too.

Today’s Updated Look

These days, the trend is to use a much more captivating combination of flowering shrubs and trees, perennials and ornamental grasses.

We design interesting layered looks, with shorter plants like ground covers or low perennials near the foreground, slightly taller plants in the middle, and taller shrubs, grasses or trees for the back.

This provides a framework for the planting design.

Discover how trends, technology and evolving customer tastes affect commercial landscape design.

Native Plants

The interest in native plants for commercial landscape design has exploded over the past few years.

They’re hardy and less susceptible to pests and diseases. Once they’re established, native plants typically need less water than non-natives.

And a host of wild critters will thank you. Choose the right native plants, and you’ve created a wildlife garden that offers seeds, nuts and fruits for birds and small mammals, nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies, host plants for butterfly caterpillars.

Vegetable Gardens

The past few years has seen a huge boost in vegetable gardens at properties like apartment complexes and restaurants. Everybody wants to wander outside and pick fresh tomatoes, basil, peppers and zucchini to make dinner.

These gardens can be incorporated into patios or even on rooftops.


Exciting New Plant Varieties

The plant world is always offering new varieties with improved features. While we have our tried and true plants we know won't let us down, it’s always exciting to discover new plants that solve old problems.

We love the new dwarf butterfly bush for its compact size, but also because it doesn't self-seed, creating new bushes here, there and everywhere like the traditional variety.

The new dwarf crepe myrtle is a great replacement for Knockout roses, which are stunning, but susceptible to disease.

Discover how trends, technology and evolving customer tastes affect commercial landscape design.

Software Advancements

A decade ago, landscape designers created all their designs by hand, painstakingly sketching every element. When revisions were needed — and they always are — it was back, literally, to the drawing board.

By about 2010 software came on the market that enabled designers like Level Green’s Shelley Russell to create their designs on the computer.

“With one click, I can add a pergola or switch from an above view to a 3D view,” Russell says.

These days, she can activate a camera feature that offers an actual walk-through of a commercial landscape design, wowing customers and giving them a realistic sense of what their improved property will look and feel like.

Impressive Landscape Enhancements

High-end outdoor furniture, fire pits, outdoor kitchens — today’s customers want to spend as much time as possible outside, for as much of the year as possible.

Residents of Homeowners Associations and apartment complexes want luxurious landscaping around outdoor pools and amenities like fire pits and outdoor pizza ovens in their common areas.

Conferences And Workshops Keep Us On Top of Trends

Level Green landscape designer Shelley Green regularly attends industry conferences and workshops to stay on top of evolving trends in commercial landscape design.

She recently attended conferences on plant solutions in the age of climate change; environmental stewardship; high-performing  landscapes and others.

“I always come back to work more inspired, with a fresh look on what I can incorporate to make us stand out as a company,” she says.

Discover how trends, technology and evolving customer tastes affect commercial landscape design.

A Look At How We’ve Evolved

Level Green Landscaping has come a long way since co-owners Doug Delano and Bill Hardy founded the company in 2002.

As landscape design has evolved, so have we, adding employees, technology and space so we can meet the landscape design and maintenance needs of our growing customer base.

Here’s a timeline that shows just a few highlights of our evolution:

2002: Doug Delano and Bill Hardy opened Level Green Landscaping LLC to offer Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia reliable commercial landscape maintenance services.
2006: The fleet was small, and a part-time mechanic came in during the evening hours. 
2008: That part-time mechanic, Craig Fugate, came on board full time and is now fleet manager. There were two other office employees — one in sales and one in purchasing. Level Green had two office locations and a storage yard. 
2010: We rented another office to accommodate the growing business, which included 20 field employees, four supervisors and crew.
2011: We branched out to Montgomery County, Maryland and rented office space there.
2012: We added another office with storage at the original location and contracted with St. Mary’s County Recreation and Park, so we set up a small office to run crews out of St. Mary’s.
2014: We bought property in Upper Marlboro, MD and moved in after a major overhaul of the offices.
2016: We purchased a farm in St. Mary’s County and moved the operations to this site. Level Green Landscaping now employs nearly 200 people during peak season.

Level Green Landscaping: Evolving To Meet Your Needs

We’ve learned a lot in 15 years of business. Our in-house team of experts has made Level Green Landscaping one of the most trusted in the region.

Our service area includes Washington DC, Maryland and parts of Virginia. We focus on commercial property maintenance for offices, retail spaces, mixed-use sites, HOAs/condominiums, distribution centers, municipalities and institutions.

Contact us at 202-544-0968 or by filling out our form online. You can also schedule a free consultation to talk with us about how we can enhance and maintain your commercial landscape.

We’d love to hear from you.

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