While some landscaping mistakes are no big deal — like planting too many tulips — others can impact the security of your property.

That lovely old tree is majestic, but are its roots causing cracks or heaving in your pavement?

That hedge of flowering shrubs looks great, but is it impeding the view of drivers?

Let’s take a look at six landscaping mistakes that can affect the security of your property.

Lack Of Landscape Lighting

If you have to pick one thing to fix first, make it your landscape lighting. It offers safety and security in all kinds of ways.

It instantly takes away the dark hiding places that criminals love. It prevents your visitors and customers from tripping.

We all feel safer and more at ease when our surroundings have good lighting. Some spots to hit: entrances, sidewalks, parking lots and the areas around security cameras.

Overgrown Plants And Trees

Let shrubs and bushes grow too high and they can cause all sorts of problems, blocking the view of pedestrians and drivers, obscuring security cameras and offering the perfect hiding spots for intruders.Trimming shrubs for landscape security

Out-of-control tree limbs can snag people walking by or cover up important security lighting.

This is a pretty easy fix: regular trimming and pruning.

Uneven Surfaces

Tree roots that are too close to the pavement can actually lift it up, making the surface a real tripping hazard.

Always plant trees at least four feet from pavement, or use barriers to prevent roots from growing under the pavement.

Neglecting Traffic Flow

Beautifully blooming flower beds and parking lot islands anchored with pretty trees look great, but make sure they don’t impede traffic flow.

parking lot island landscaping

Pedestrians need clear paths. Drivers need to comfortably park and see traffic signs. Delivery trucks need room to navigate and find their destinations.

Remember function, as well as beauty.

Forgetting About Drainage Issues

We know — drainage is one of the more boring topics when it comes to landscape design, but it’s really important.

Why? Lots of reasons. When water doesn’t drain properly, it can damage the foundation of a building, meaning costly repairs.  Excess water can cause mold or create huge pools of ice around your building in the winter. Puddles of muddy or stagnant water can harm your landscaping and cause erosion.

Is your property a favorite hangout for ducks? That’s a red flag.

Be sure water travels efficiently through your commercial property with the right drainage plan.

Neglecting A Snow And Ice Removal Plan

Nothing causes dangerous slipping and falls like slick snow and ice. Those mishaps are one of the most common injuries and liability issues on commercial sites, so you need a comprehensive snow and ice removal plan — from a company you can trust. Look for quality work, quick turnaround times and a focus on safety.

snow removal workers and snow plows

Think ahead on this one. You need plenty of time to communicate with your snow removal company to figure out your property’s snow removal plan — before it’s covered in snow.

Make No Mistake — Hire Level Green Landscaping

The experienced experts at Level Green Landscaping can help you avoid or correct the mistakes that can interfere with your property’s security.

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